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The everyday increasing number in mobile phone production has changed so many things and has the potential to change the other big things just like the way it has transformed the educational system. Oale Mobiles is an example of an increasing number in mobile phone production. It has introduced exceptional amazing ways for the students to incorporate unique learning methods into their learning process. The mobile phones of the current time have become so advanced that they can compete with the efficiency of computer systems which have been used in the old times, they don’t require the energy and power that the old computers needed for operations. The mobile phone requires not even half of the energy as compared to computers to give the same output. The Oale Mobile Oale CC2 mobile price is the latest one with such technology.

In old times people usually depended upon computers and laptops specifically for office work but now people are more dependent on mobile phones as compared to working on computers and systems. People are relying on mobile phones especially for the personal usage of computing. 

The manufacturing market of computers is seeing a sudden decline since 2012 and the market has still been seen in the saturation graph. There is no chance predicted for them to have a comeback. The biggest role in the decline of the manufacturing market of computers has been played by the irrational production of mobile phones. And nothing is manufactured in a big amount until the demand hasn’t been seen in the market so if the mobiles have been produced in an exaggerated number that proves that the people are creating demand for mobile phones in the market through their buying. Just like Oale Mobile’s Oale CC2 mobile price. According to a survey, the smartphones used in 2019 are securing a number of 2.3 billion of mobile phones produced, and it is predicted to be increased to 3.8 billion by 2021. The students also withstand the fact that mobile phones facilitate them by providing the information they can get access to anytime anywhere with the mobile phones they are having with them always. 

Having a generation that is already used to technology and possesses extreme adaptability to the new devices and emerging technology is easier to train than to those who don’t know how to deal with the technology and changing trends. When teachers teach something new to the class and the class needs assistance with the internet, the teachers don’t need to give them a demo on how to use the device they then assign them the assignment and could move to the next topic. Because the student already knows how to deal with that task. If the teachers have to give them the class on the training for using new tools and then move to the topic, the topic which has to be completed in a week will be completed in three weeks just because of the pre-training on the usage of tools. This is the difference the mobile is making. 

Sadly the schools and colleges that still are using the old technology and depends on their outdated labs with the outdated heavy computer systems don’t know that a single mobile phone can replace those computers systems and can help students to learn and practice more easily while the teachers also don’t have to put so many efforts in making them known to the technology. The current technology and mobile phones can save a lot of money, space, and efforts if the education system tends to update itself a little bit. Today even the basics of the smartphones can compete with the computer and the technologies computers use to have and if we talk about the smartphones that are very much advanced, will definitely knock them out at once while being outstanding from the race.

There could be a possibility for the education systems and the students that may not afford the expensive technology demands or the latest mobile phones for the learning purpose and they still needed it because of the environmental and the schooling system needs also there are some schools that made mobile phones or tablets mandatory for the students to bring them. But now thanks to the manufacturing companies such as Oale Mobiles that are making mobiles which are smart enough to do all the tasks and possesses all the features competitive to the expensive mobile phones exists in the market and is still affordable for the people who cannot even afford to buy a basic mobile phone as well as for the education systems so that they could update their systems while being financially sane. One of the examples is Oale Mobile’s Oale CC2 mobile price. These are the best mobile phones at such prices for the current time that requires a gadget with efficiency while being cost-effective.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.