Gift Boxes

The buying experience does not end once the shoppers have placed an order. To grow the sales of your company, you need to encourage repeat purchases. This is only possible when you are able to enhance the experience of clients when they open your package. The luxury gift boxes do possess the potential of impressing the customers but only when they are designed well. For the products meant for selling, the last thing you want is to make the target audience bored with their packaging. Here is a comprehensive list of some general tips for designing gift packages so as to procure more sales. 

Choose Proper Shape and Size

The shape and size of the custom gift boxes wholesale carry great value in impacting the decisions of the clients whether they should buy from you or not. So, no one can afford the mistake of choosing an inappropriate size or shape of the box. In case you are dealing with products that are relatively smaller, you should not hesitate to go with the smaller box. However, when you have products regarding which you need to imprint more information, and they are larger at the same time, you must opt for the larger box. When we talk about the shape of the box, it is a must for you to understand that those days are gone when one could excite people with ordinary shapes. The trend has changed due to which people now prefer to buy products packed in unusually shaped boxes. 

Pick Suitable Color Themes

Color psychology plays a critical role in playing with the minds of the customers, so; you must consider this tip more seriously. Incorporation of those color themes in your design that attract a maximum number of people would be a wise decision in this regard. The selection of the right hues for your design is only possible when you do extensive research about the likes and tastes of the target audience. To some people, for instance, bright colors may seem captivating, while the dull hues might fascinate others. In the process of picking up colors for your box design, selecting the ones that match your parent brand theme can go a long way in increasing your customer base. 

Do not stick with one Design

In today’s world, shoppers are more inclined towards innovation, be it in the product or its packaging. As the latter one is your first direct interaction with the buyers, make sure it looks innovative. But the main question here is how you can make it look innovative. This is achievable easily by simply changing the design of your gift packages after some time. The same designs on the box go with the risk that the people might lose their interest in the future. Keep coming with brand new and innovative designs, keep the clients engaged and make sure to develop their interest in your items. This kind of versatility is influential in earning the loyalty of the people and making them always buy your products.  

Write an Innovative Message

The printed message on the gift packages can serve a great deal in enhancing your customer base by impelling their buying decisions. While you decide to print a specific message on them, make sure it is innovative as well as precise. Only a small and creative message can fulfill the purpose of enhancing your sales. Writing a larger description of your products or over-informing the customers about your brand details does not fit the attention span of clients. You must not be hasty in choosing the message because it is the precise reflection of your brand in the target market. 

Add Bonuses or Rewards

If you ask for one single thing which can boost your sales up in no time, it is offering your clients some kinds of bonuses and rewards. It is always fun for the clients to get a product along with some kinds of rewards in the end or some freebies. You can offer some sorts of discounts and coupons in order to fetch the attention of the valuable customers. Some kinds of free gifts such as candies and chocolates can serve a great deal in this regard. These bonuses and rewards will keep their interest in your items, and they will be coming again and again to buy your products. 

Less is More

It is attractive to go all out when it comes to gift packages. But you should remember including too many design elements can make your box look cluttered and unappealing. If you are trying to promote your products through the packaging, the clients will not know exactly where to focus their attention. Not just that, but doing so will also get expensive, which will significantly reduce your profit margins. Minimalism is trending in the packaging industry these days, so bringing this concept into your design of gift packages will assist in making them look attractive. This will compel more and more potential customers to get inspired and ultimately buy the products packed inside the gift packages. 

Let the Customers Share it

Probably the best way to enhance your sales is to go online and ask the customers to share their services and products. This can be done by highlighting your social media presence on the gift packages. Using your main hashtags on the boxes can prove extremely favorable in this regard. The customers will be sharing their experience online this way and also using your main hashtags in their comments, posts, and stories. Resultantly, this will promote word of mouth about you in the competitive market, and many clients would be vying to purchase from you.

It is very easy to enhance your customer base and boost your sales just by designing the gift boxes attractively. Using good and meaningful colors in your design can perform the job of catching the attention of clients. Similarly, writing an innovative yet precise message also has the capability to gravitate more buyers towards your items.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.