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How to select an ideal kid’s ride-on car from TOBBI

How to select an ideal kid’s ride-on car from TOBBI

Did you ever freak out when you were going to choose a kid’s ride-on car for your little drivers? There are numerous ride-on toys for kids with patchy quality and lots of types and features for sale today. How and where to select the perfect ride-on cars for your children? Check out the article and you’ll get an answer.

TOBBI, a well-developed brand based in America, is recommended for you, which specializes in kid’s ride-on toys. The company has a plethora of ride-on products for sale, ATV, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, as well as popular licensed electric kid’s cars from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Maserati, Lamborghini, click to find more.

Now the problem is how to choose an ideal kid’s ride-on for your little one. Below are characteristics of different types of kids ride-on sold by TOBBI.

1. Push-cars for littler Drivers

Push car is most suitable for kids under 2 years old since very young kids cannot drive by themselves. They can easily fall or tumble and safety should be considered firstly. Pushed by parents without any other driving force, push car is less to hurt your kids. It provides your little one a safe way to get outdoors and attract them by the colorful brilliant look and real car bodywork. While it can free your hands and give you a more unencumbered pleasant journey. The following is a push car sold by TOBBI.

Mercedes Push Car Toddler Ride-on with Handle

This licensed Mercedes Push Car is manufactured for toddler foot-to-floor ride on a flat surface. Convertible padded PU leather seat provides comfy riding and concealed storage compartment under seat adds chances for further exploration. A featured push car with removable handle extended from the backrest and controlled by the parent is protective to an accelerated speed or heading direction safely, along with steering wheel which can be controlled by a toddler. Protective removable side guard rails and retractable footrest pedal are ideal to get toddler balanced on this toddler push car.

2. Sports Cars

If you want to present your little driver with the finest car, a sports car featuring extravagant fabulous bodywork, delicate design, excellent driving performance would be the most ideal type. It would make your kids the most conspicuous one when cruising around. As the miniature of a real car, licensed sports car kids ride on from Maserati, Lamborghini, etc. with all realistic features like click sound, multifunctional dashboard, inbuilt entertainment equipment, adjustable speed worth a try. Let your child ride the finest impressive car in their childhood. The sports car sold by TOBBI is really worth your attention.

6V Rechargeable Kids Ride on Sports Car RC

This is an electric ride-on car that will bring your little adventurer thrilling yet safe driving, combining fun with education. It will improve your baby’s physical coordination as well as exercising the ability to clear thinking under urgent conditions. In addition to the realistic bodywork, this ride-on toy car is also configured with a comfortable seat, a safety belt, a steering wheel, an accelerating pedal, front and back LED lights. Crafted from quality PP plastic, the entire car is sleek, beautiful and sturdy. Your baby could also have a rest in it accompanied by the relaxing music played by the MP3 player. You can fully take over the car with the remote controller if needed. The battery and the charger are UL-certificated, no need to worry about the occurrence of battery leak or over-heat in normal use. It will be the best present your kid ever received!

3. Trucks & SUV’s—robust

All Trucks and SUVs featuring robust and large chassis, high foot clearance, spacious cockpit and off-road details provide your kids with adventurous driving experience. These cars are built to explore and can ride on any tough terrain like mud and lawn, letting your kids play hard. Below is a truck sold very well by TOBBI.

12V Red Kids Ride on Off-Road Red Truck w/ Parental RC

Little ones will always love joining exciting adventures and this electric children’s off-road vehicle is a good start. Elaborately designed with a distinctive grille, roll bars, doors with lock, front & back fenders and a rear luggage box, it has a realistic bodywork. Painted in vibrant colors, it will instantly stimulate your child’s interests. The cockpit is spacious and the seat is comfortable. Your kid will never get bored because of the multiple functions and rich recreation, such as MP3, volume adjusting, LED lights, shock-absorption, battery indication, soft starting and speed adjusting. Each toy is expertly crafted with high-quality materials, durable and safe for your baby.

TOBBI, expert in kid’s toys.

4. Motorcycles, ATV’s, & Go-Karts

Motorcycle, ATV and go-cart with relatively simple frames and low price would be an ideal first toy for your kids. The three types of kids ride on cars come with straddle seat, low-pressure tires, a straddle seat, as well as handlebars for steering control. For this kind of kid’s ride-on car with straddle seat, your kid’s age should be highly considered since different cars’ sizes are intended for different ages and figures. Besides, the balance capability also matters. If your child is too young to have sufficient balance capability, motorcycle, ATV& go-kart with extra supporting wheels would be better. There is a recommended ATV with four wheels for you.

Ride on Car ATV 4 Wheels Battery Powered

This powerful 4-wheel electric ATV (24.8” L x 16.5” W x 16.7” H) with a 6V motor is a fantastic gift for your little adventurer (36-95 months old) to explore the outdoors. The cool appearance with 5 color styles for choice lets your youngster drive with passion. Equipped with functioning headlights and entertainment systems, this children’s vehicle will undoubtedly be an eye-catching unit on the road.

This advanced kid’s car is a replica of a real ATV. With realistic features like a built-in air pressure horn, forward/reverse function, a speed adjustable pedal and a speed indicator, this advanced kid’s ride-on is easy to operate independently.

The above cars coming with varied features fit for different age brackets. Several popular colors are designed for you to choose from. Is there a car type making you impressed? Pick a car from TOBBI and let it provide your kids with enjoyable driving. 

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