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The travel industry is set for a boom once again. The effect of COVID’19 has slowly mellowed down. The travel and tourism industry has inclined to make delectable applications for the users to utilize for travel ticket booking, searching and finding accommodation, and much more. This surge in the industry has given rise to mobile app development companies making innovative apps for organizations looking to strike the winning edge. 

Why do You need a Travel booking application?

The statistic says the users will make 196 billion downloads at the end of this year. Also, 30% of the customers use mobile applications to book travel tickets, and 80% of them purchase the same. This article will give you a complete overview of creating an online booking application. Any mobile application development company can support you in this regard as well.

Step By Step Instructions to Male an Online Booking Application

This column will give you the prime features that your online booking application must have. There are good features too, but the ones listed here are primary and required to set up your application to launch at the earliest. 

  • Registration | Login Page

You must have this feature in the application. It is not only required for you to collect the data, but this is the feature that can help users log in and search for the tickets and other add ons. Further, making this page easy to access with Facebook or Google credentials will save time to register and log in. This step is crucial to start the process. 

  • Filter Options

The customer will be looking for what they want, and they don’t care initially as to what you offer. The option to search using the filter options is the feature that will make their search tasks easy. Further, the filter options must be easy for the users to scroll and select as well. You can establish the different offers available in each segment, and as the customer searches the destination, it can be displayed to see and take action. The option categorizes your preference and makes it easy for the customers to choose the exact information and choice. It gives a perfect solution and helps the customers and book the ticket online. 

  • Appropriate Listing of Information

As said earlier, it is not about developing an attractive application. It is all about how easy and informative the app looks. The information must be available in a well-structured fashion. If required, please categorize the options appropriately for the users to view them will maximum clarity. Be it the price of the package or the add-on services, make it available for the users to read and take action. 

  • Chat options

There are many instances that the user would like to connect with someone to talk or chat with. The availability of a chatbot will serve this purpose. Use a quickly accessible option for the users to open the chatbox. Also, the issues if the customers face while accessing the app can be resolved instantly. Keep complete information available using a chatbot. This will help you in managing the workforce to cater to the customer’s needs as well. 

  • Payment Page

Give the users a straightforward option to make payments. Most of the applications make it complicated in the name of security and drag the payment process. This will frustrate the users. Further, give them many options to opt for to make the payments. Also, ensure the payment portal and gateway is secured enough for the customers. It will build reliability too. Add disclaimers to tell the customers that the payment details are not stored in the servers and will be deleted once the payment is made. 

  • Booking History

The application will not be complete without this feature. The booking records of the customer, if available, add value to the customers too. It can have all the information about the booked tickets, accommodation, and failed transactions. 

  • Feedback Section

You need to know how the customer feels about the application and the services offered by you. If this is directly connected with the Google reviews, it reaches a mass audience too. You can add bonus features for customers who are posting the feedback as well. 

Other Add features that can be available on your travel application

  1. You can have a travel time converter if you are catering to overseas needs
  2. The information about the weather in the destination might help them to make quick purchase decisions too
  3. Also, mention any emergency services offered in the preferred location

Choosing the travel application is in the hands of the customers. But, making a delectable app is in your control. Look for the latest trends and recent customer behavior. Would you please give them the full information in simple navigational clicks? 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.