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Technology has become advanced today. That’s why we also have to become advanced when it comes to mobile apps. It is important to have perfect mobile apps because more than half the mobile traffic is highly dependent on mobile apps. Whether there is one platform that stands unparalleled is considered Android. There is nothing that can beat it. Almost 74.15% of the overall OS market share in global statistics is accounted for through it. 

There are a lot of competitions in the Android world. And in this tough competition, it is really very difficult for a person to find and hire a perfect android Developer is quite difficult. Are you one of those people who have a great idea for an app but don’t know what will happen next?

 So it must hire a perfect Developer. As the market for Android developers is huge, and it creates difficulties to pinpoint the right candidate to meet your specific needs and bring your app to life in the most successful way possible. And if you are searching for a solution you are in a perfect place. We are now consulting about it. You can check this link for useful content for top android app developers for hire.

1. Define your requirements:

Before searching for a developer it is important to know what you want to hire a developer. You have to define the elements which are crucial to your project. It will allow you to find a perfect developer who specializes in a given technology. You have to figure out if you need any specialists with experience in one or more of the following trending environments: such as 

  • Audio or video streaming,
  • External IoT hardware,
  • Augmented & virtual reality,
  • App security,
  • Apps that communicate with backend,
  • Meaningful micro-interactions and implementing outstanding designs.

2. Go for a good interview:

The interview is a key by which you can hire qualified Developers. So it’s important to create an effective interview program. It is very important to be a professional because it can increase your brand’s awareness in front of the developers. When you set your requirements then you should run a background check on your potential candidates. While checking you should go for a Pre-employment screening like candidate’s experience and their work history, as well as their accomplishments. Then it helps you to know your candidates.

Then create questions according to your needs. Try to ask some problem-solving questions regarding mobile app development.

3. Android Developers’ skill level:

While hiring you have to measure their skill is very important because you have to know if they are capable of your requirements or not. Try to hire those developers who have professional knowledge and experience in Android development. For knowing their skill you can go for their previous reviews that are available on Google. But there are also many developers who are not too popular and don’t have any reviews of Google. For this, you can give them a chance to debrief you at least. 

Skills required:

Junior Android developer:

  • Experience: less than 3 years
  • Who is Engaged in the development of not complex apps?
  • And able to work as an assistant to middle and senior developers. 

Middle Android developer:

  • Experience: 3+ years
  • Who can work independently and engaged in complex Android-based projects

Senior Android developer:

  • Experience: 5+ years
  • Can leads, consults, and supervises large projects and occupies the team leaders’ position.

Hard skills:

  • Java
  • Android SDK
  • Working with APIs.
  • Understanding of back-end.

Soft skills:

  • Team player
  • Good communicator
  • Culturally fit.

4. Ask About Their Complete App Development Process:

When you start an inquiry and ask them about the development process, most of the developers tell you that they always follow the agile methodology and then explain the entire app development process. These are common but those who follow Ideate, Strategize, Design, Develop & Deploy these five steps are perfect for your business. Always try to hire a developer who can follow your vision. 

A good developer will always give you some interesting profit-generating tokens at every step of the app development process. They also suggest a good revenue-generating model for your business plan in the ideation phase. During the strategic phase, a perfect developer recommends in-app purchase options and other profitable streams. As well as focus on designing, circumferencing the initial two phases, and developing and deploying the entire Android app. Who explains all these? They are perfect for you.

5. Ask to see a portfolio:

The portfolio is something that is a mirror of a Developer. So while hiring you have to go for their portfolios. Choose those who worked on at least two apps. Those apps should be available in the Google Play Store. There are many things that matter for you like:

  • Always consider the size of the apps and their functionalities,
  • About their stability and implementation,
  • A number of downloads they’ve already gotten.

6. Understand Their Approach to Delivering User-Experience:

It is important to hire a Developer who can deliver an app that can increase your user experience. There are many keys like UX design. If they don’t use it while designing, then there is a high chance your business can fail. So it is an important step.


Developing a mobile application is hard and choosing a perfect developer is harder. So always try to follow these tips. Always choose a Developer who can Your Mobile App on the App Store. You can also go to this link for useful content for top android app developers for hire.

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