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Area rugs are the mandatory items for any home interior. Rugs usually creep and curl if they are not properly placed. Therefore you need to make the rugs more attractive. Even though rugs are worth investment, they still are the worst as well.

 Remember, for proper interior embellishments; you have to take certain measures. Besides all the facts and figures, most people around the world do not favour loose rugs. There are specific solutions for eliminating all the hazards.

Undoubtedly area rugs and carpets add taste and personality to your home. Area rugs make the floor quite hard and more balanced. Only if they are rightly placed in the right location. Furthermore, area rugs keep your floor warm, also absorb all the annoying noises.

Apart from a perfect decor element, area rugs need extra care and attention. To avoid frequent

Rug sliding of area rugs, you can follow these 11 best ways. With these ideas, you may get the desired comfort and convenience with your area rug

1.      Waffle rug pads

2.      Natural rubber rug pads

3.      Felt pads

4.      Grip tapes

5.      Carpet tapes with double-sided adhesives

6.      Hooks and loops

7.      Silicon adhesives

8.      Hot glue

9.      Carpet tapes and rug pads

10.  Rug pins

1.  Waffle rug pads

Rubber waffle rug pads are an ideal solution for the rugs in your home. They work well in the entire home. Regardless of the flooring type, you can use them. They are available on online platforms as well as in the home centres.

They are sold in precut forms. Simple yet most reasonable. This rug pas is getting widely popular. Undoubtedly they are easy to fix, cos friendly and keep the rugs in the right position. However, remember waffle rug pads need extra care. On the accumulation of dirt and debris, they will certainly lose their grip.

2.  Natural rubber rug pads

Natural rubber-based pads work ideally for the flatweave rugs. Hence they are created with a solid grid surface. Therefore can only be applied to the thin rugs. These rugs pads are quite more expensive. Although quite expensive, natural rubber pads do not contain any hazardous chemical. As a result, you can freely use them. These are excellent in providing exceptional protection.

3.  Felt pads

Rug pads with felt backing are also used to support the rug. They are available in varying width. Depending on your choice, you can find the one and cut it according to size. As compared to other methods, felt pads serve as a cushion. Indeed they help a lot in wearing and tearing rug fibres. Felt Pads are ideal for large rugs. They work ideally on hardwood flooring. Perhaps, the exceptional cushioning and rubber-like properties make the felt pad the best solution.

4.  Grip tape

Grip tape is an excellent idea in the case of rugs. This tape is usually available in the form of roles. The gripper tape is generally 2-3 inches wide. Apply the tape directly on the rug edges. This tape is only best for smaller area rugs. By using this tape, you can easily move the rugs and can easily reposition them again.

5.  Carpet tapes with double-sided adhesives

Perhaps you have many possible options to avoid area rug slipping. But, double-taking is always an amazing idea to deal with this worst situation. Doble tape has a worthwhile contribution. Double-sided tape is sold in the form of roles. Owing to this reason, they are available in different thickness levels.

 As far as highly durable options are concerned, you can buy acrylic adhesives.. No question, acrylics work best in the case of synthetic rugs. Make sure you are using high quality, else it will ruin the rug. In contrast to applying it directly, always read the instructions.

6.  Hook and Loop

Just like other methods, hooks and loops are good in dealing with rugs. For instance, they work in the same way as closure on small shoes. Besides everything, this is an incredibly good idea. Try anchoring the adhesive side with the rug. This will provide additional support. Undoubtedly this is an amazing yet cost-friendly idea. This is an ideal solution to prevent the rug from slipping.

7.  Silicone adhesives

Have you an idea of what keeps you from slipping while wearing fuzzy socks. Yes, you are right. It’s silicon. Just like in the socks, silicone adhesives are also applied to rugs. Silicon caulking helps you keep the rugs in their right place. Hence it’s not in packings. You can use guns to apply silicon. You can either buy it in white as well as in coloured forms. To apply the silicon

1.      Take the silicon and apply.

2.      Apply in the form of dots.

3.      Try applying in a grid manner.

4.      Wait for proper drying.

5.      Now it’s ready.

8. Hot Glue

Despite all the available safety measures, hot glue has no match. However, it is not highly durable but quite effective. Apply the hot glue on the back of the rugs and additionally on the other sides. This will prevent slips and falls. Hot glue will work even on uneven floors. It will quickly get dry. Hot glue will consequently affect rug fibres, so use them carefully.

9. Carpet tape and rug pads

Just like the other methods, carpet tape is also a good solution. For instance, you use some belts to hold the pants in place. Similar is the case with area aqua rugs holding a carpet. A rug pad is always necessary to keep the floor more secure. Carpet tape not only adheres to the rug backing but also enhances the lifespan of the rug. On the sides, apply the tape and place the rug pad in between for double safety. You can additionally use the tapes on rug pads as well.

10. Rug pins

Area rugs are quite difficult to handle. If you are adjusting the rug to the wall to wall carpeting, it might be not easy to adjust. Therefore try using some rug pins. Rug pins surely keep the area rug in place. This is not so difficult. For example, try securing the pins in the angled position. Make sure the floor is safe from piercing. Keep in mind less visibility of pins will give a more smooth look.


Area rugs are the perfect decoration elements. Indoor area rugs, as well as outdoor area rugs, need some proper backing. Though you have purchased high-quality rugs with extraordinary fibre and amazing material. Yet so much is remaining.

 Certainly, a rug is useless if it is a cause of slips and falls. Rug pads and rug backings are great solutions for enjoying the rug in its true meaning. Read the post above to learn about all the available options so that you may end up having the best choice

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