look your best on the video call

Working from home has become more commonplace recently. You might have a comfortable remote work routine in place. You’ve probably found ways to accomplish your job and maintain productivity outside of an office setting. However, those pesky video conferences may be one aspect of working from home that still gives you trouble. You’re not alone. Online meetings require a bit of a learning curve. If they’re not part of your everyday schedule, they can be tricky to navigate. Keep reading for some handy tips on how to improve at home conference calls. You’ll be feeling more confident in no time.

Assess the Environment

The first step to a positive conference call experience is to check your work environment. Consider what others will see and hear during the meeting. Make sure you have privacy and that no one is likely to interrupt. Assess your lighting. Harsh light will wash you out. You won’t be seen in a dark room. A shaded desk lamp usually provides decent lighting. Natural light from windows is great as long as it isn’t streaming indirectly on you. Close windows so that outside sounds aren’t disruptive. Finally, check out your appearance to be sure you look your best on the video call. Dress in something that makes you feel comfortable and that looks professional. Do a last-minute check to be sure there’s nothing in your teeth and that your hair is in place.

Limit Competing Bandwidth

If you hate the annoying lag time, screen freezes, or muffled sound that sometimes comes with video calls, there are some things you can do to limit them. These types of technical annoyances are often caused by competing bandwidth happening with your internet. If others at home are streaming a movie and you have a complex program running in the background on your computer, you might notice some of these issues. Even things like your robot vacuum can use up a bunch of bandwidth. Reduce some of the things you don’t need, and you should notice much better performance during your meeting.

Check Things Out Early

You always want to be sure to set some time aside before the video call is to begins. That way, you can get logged in and deal with any unexpected technical issues that might arise. Most popular meeting software programs have a feature that allows you to test your connection before things get started. It’s wise to take advantage of this option so that you’re not left scrambling and disrupting a meeting that’s in progress. If you do notice that you’re having WiFi problems, you can always switch to a direct-wired connection. This may be a more reliable alternative for some.

Invest in a Good Headset

Feedback from a built-in computer microphone and speakers is the worst. In many cases, it’s inevitable. Investing in a quality wireless office headset is a wise idea if you want to avoid such a noisy nuisance. These headsets come in a wide assortment of styles to suit your preference and comfort. You can also find a decent one to fit nearly any budget. You won’t regret making this investment if online meetings are part of your remote work requirements. Choose a set that offers the type of fit you prefer. You’ll appreciate the comfort. You’re also sure to enjoy having a strong microphone at your disposal. So will your colleagues.

Always Have a Plan B

Finally, it’s in your best interest to have a Plan B just in case things go wrong beyond repair. Sometimes you simply may not be able to overcome technical glitches or an issue at home could arise that requires your immediate attention. Knowing in advance how you’ll deal with such things will give you peace of mind and can decrease your anxiety in the event that you need to use a backup plan. Perhaps you can dial in to take part in the meeting through an audio call. Talk to your supervisor to discuss potential options for occurrences like these.

These tips should help you to feel more prepared for your next at-home conference call. With some planning and preparation, you’ll feel more at ease and will know how to manage any unexpected problems that arise.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.