How to guide a trapped toddler to unlock a door?

It’s a very terrifying idea to have your toddler locked in a room. What is worse is your toddler can’t open the lock. There are many ways to unlock the door without getting panicked but the condition is you know them already. Here we have some ideas that can help you to unlock your toddler without a locksmith. 


When your toddler is locked inside the room and you are unable to guide him to open the lock. Take a deep breath and come with the duplicate keys to try from outside. If you have no duplicate key then try some other similar keys available in the house. This tactic often works and you can unlock the door to get your toddler safe and sound. If the locked toddler has the keys in the room, you can guide him the same to try different keys. You should consider a master key installation in your bedroom in your home to avoid such a situation.  

Use of drill machine

The use of a drill machine is an extreme scenario. But if nothing is working and you have a drill machine, use it to unlock the door without wasting more time.  This method will destroy your lock but it’s better to have the solution than freaking out. This method can’t work if the toddler has to use this drill machine. It can be dangerous. 

Use of Paperclips

Paperclips are a great tool to unlock the door. If you normally carry paper clips in your bag and files. You have almost recovered from such a terrible situation. Paperclips can help you in unusual ways. If you have two paper clips, the process will be easier. You can adjust these two paper clips in such a way that after wiggling around in the lock. You will be able to unlock the door. You can guide your toddler to use the paperclips to open the door. Toddlers are very picky when it comes to learning such a craft. 


It is the most useful tool in such a panic situation. You can hand over this little tool to your kid and guide him to screw up the lock. If he is unable to use it you can do that for him to screw up the lock. You should have such an amazing tool at your home. It can make your life easy and comfortable. You may need some thinner kind of screwdriver depending on the type of lock. 

Butter knife

Using a butter knife is not usual but in case of emergency, it can work. 

Using a bobbing pin

Using a bobbing pin is very easy and popular as this is a cinematic tool. This bobby pin works on a simple and common lock. You can guide your kid to use this bobby pin to open the lock. You can try it by yourself as well.

Using a tension pick set

If you have a tension pick set. It can help you to unlock the door for your locked toddler. Or if your kid has access to this set you can guide him how to use it. 

Using cards

Using cards to unlock the door can also work for some specific types of cards. Using a debit or credit card can be risky as you can damage your card during the process. This method is beneficial only for specific electric locks. You can guide your toddler to open this type of lock easily.

Removing hinges

Removing hinges can be a complex idea as it requires a specific screwdriver and it would be difficult for your toddler to understand it. But no worries. You can do it by yourself.

Calling a locksmith

If all tactics fail and you are unable to unlock the door then call a locksmith, he will help you and unlock the door. It’s a good decision to call him as he is a trained person in his field. He has all the tools that can open the lock.

Opening a lock without a key is a difficult task and it’s pointless to make efforts blindly. You should research all the best possible ways to open the lock without getting panicked. Or you can train your toddler before having such a situation. Or you can have a master key installation for your locks that can open all the locks of your home. Some companies offer emergency locksmith services, you can also avail of their services to help you out in such a hefty scenario. Usually, it’s difficult to guide a toddler who is already afraid of locking in the room alone.