manufacture Mud Filter Screen

A Mud Filter Screen Manufacturer provides screens to various markets in the world. These filter screens are very much preferred by the Sugar Industry for their performance and quality. Fresh and enhanced design makes sure that regular flatness and straightness makes it easy to form edges. Such filter screens are made up of Spectro tested stainless steel and are rectangular in shape. The steel should be tested for all the aspects of tensile strength, thickness, hardness, etc. Subsequently, that stainless steel should be used to manufacture Mud Filter Screen of value and durability. Such screens should be meant to provide superior service as well as lengthier life. 

Mud Filter Screens provider should keep these following things in mind 

The filter screens should have no end margins, and a standard 20mm side margin (Longer Sides). They are capable of developing new sizes as per the size of the drum and the latest request. These screens might come with or without margins. The filter screens manufacturers can be identified with the tamper-proof sticker. This sticker can be seen on the side margins of the working side. The sticker is imprinted with a Unique Serial Number and that guarantees the quality of the screen. The manufacturer should always pay attention to provide screens that will bring down the cost of operation. They also give emphasis on making these screens last longer, providing the worth of money. 

One of the functions of the Mud Filter Screen is to de-sweeten and de-water the mud that is separated from the juice in the clarifier. The perforated screen allows hefty surges to be pushed inside the screen. And when the rotary screen rotates it separates the mud from the liquids.  These filter screens are installed in the Filter Drums of various dimensions. It is the filter area that defines the size of the filter drums. 

Performance Advantage of Mud Filter Screen

The Mud Filter Screen has numerous advantages:-  

  • 1.Perfect Hole Size with O/A or 20% 
  • 2.Uniform Perforation for better efficiency of the screen working surface with minimal residual stresses
  • 3.Minimal Blank holes and broken punches for better life of the screens
  • 4.Uniform flatness throughout and along seam joints
  • 5.Easier to Install
  • 6.Service Life Extended
  • 7.Straight and parallel side margins with minimal residual stresses
  • 8.Reduces failure due to cracking
  • 9.Higher sucrose recovery and greater mud cake retention

The technical specifications of mud filter screens

Mud Filter Screen manufacturers should also have a good amount of experience and knowledge. Most mud filters are made from stainless steel. Methodically spectro-tested steel is used in this process. This is used to determine the steel’s strength, rigidity, thickness, and tensile strength. It ensures that the filter screen is durable, will provide superior service, and will be worth its price. Mud Filter Screen made of quality material makes the life of the screen lengthened and achieves improved results. Standard screens have a 20mm margin along the longer sides. These screens boast perfect-sized holes, with O/A and 20%.

Mud filter screens are often rectangular in shape. Dutch weave is the Weave Type used in the design of this filter screen. Every screen is different in size and number of layers. This can be adjusted to meet the client’s requirements. The new and improved design ensures consistent flatness and smoothness, allowing for easy shaping of edges. These filter screens can be made as per order according to the requirements and demands of clients. They can also be made to fit the dimensions of the rotary drum. These screens are usually marked with an assurance label by most manufacturers. The highest priority is given to all details involved in the design and production of filter screens. This is done to reduce the cost of sugar processing operations.

Top buyers and manufacturers countries – 

At the moment sugar mill filter screens business manufacturers expand their footprint into the markets of Brazil, South America, Mauritius, Chile, Kenya, and Uganda. With all the years of quality service and client satisfaction, they have a distinguished presence in the markets of the U.S.A., Europe, Middle East, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and South Asia. 

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