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Some websites are set up to sell goods or services. Small businesses make websites to show off their skills and make a name online. Blogs let people and companies share unique ideas directly with their audiences. And personal websites are a great way to show potential employers what you have to offer.If you enroll in Web Designing Online Training, you will be able to create a better website.

Let’s look at five common types of websites, the best ways to make them, and some templates to help you get started:

1. Ecommerce websites:

Ecommerce websites let people buy and sell goods and services online. E Commerce sites sell goods through an online store. If you have a credit card or a payment app, you may easily add things to your shopping cart and pay for them.

Design of e-commerce websites

Different kinds of website design need different types of things. When making an eCommerce website, you’ll need a shopping cart that lets users add and remove items and lets you set prices, offer deals, and set discounts. You need a payment gateway so that people can pay for things.

2. Personal websites:

Personal websites are for people who want to have a voice online, improve their chances of getting a job, or build their brand.

Most personal websites are pretty simple and have a lot of text and pictures. Private websites don’t usually need lead generation tools or SEO because they are shared with friends, family, and coworkers by hand. But if you want to use your website to market yourself as a professional, it doesn’t hurt to make sure that search engines can find your content.

Making a personal website

The design of this kind of website depends on what you want to do with it. Will you share the site for fun with your friends and family, or are you trying to build a brand? If the second is confirmed, you’ll want to give your brand a look and feel that people will remember.

3. Portfolio websites:

This type of website is similar to a personal site, but its primary goal is to show off your professional work and get clients.

A portfolio website is a blank slate for creative professionals like designers, writers, videographers, artists, etc. Websites like these help freelancers show off their skills and services.

Design of a portfolio website

Portfolio websites usually have a few things that make them stand out. You could use slideshows, galleries, or even animations in your portfolio to show off your work. You can also put videos in your career, depending on how you want to show it off.

4. Small business websites:

People can find out about a company, its employees, products, services, and even its culture by visiting its website. The point of a website for a small business is to give customers information about how to get in touch with you. 

Making a website for a small business

Your website for your small business helps you turn visitors into customers. The design should fit your company’s brand and the way you talk. If you own a local bar, your website might feature photos of your business and use dark colors to make it feel like a smoky bar. If you run a small pet grooming business, your design will probably be brighter and full of pictures of pets.

5. Blog websites:

A blog is a regularly updated website with new articles, videos, and photos that are meant to inform, entertain, and teach the people who visit it. Blogs are sometimes a place for people to say what they think, or a business may have one to give their customers helpful information. These websites can either focus on the blog itself and be built around regularly updated content or be part of a more extensive website.

Making a blog website

Blogs come in all shapes and sizes, but the organization is an integral part of any blog. Your readers need an easy way to find things that interest them, so good category navigation (like sidebars on blog pages) is essential. 


They only talked about five of the most popular kinds of websites in this post. It doesn’t mean that those are the only kinds. You can make any website on the Internet, from wedding sites to news sites and everything in between.Web Design Online Training will help you create a better web site.

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