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So, you finally decided to put on the cooking apron & learn to cook like a chef. The kitchen time is scheduled, the oven and stove are cleaned, you bought all the required ingredients from the grocery store. Well, that’s great; you are on the right path to learning how to cook like a professional.

But the tricky part is: you need to start cooking. Worry not, in the age of the internet you are not in the kitchen alone like in the old days. There are plenty of professionals out there who are gracious enough to assist you in your journey and share their knowledge on how to cook anything and everything. There are plenty of websites, and this particular one is such a good website for leading chef Dubaias reviewed by many of our viewers.

There are an endless variety of cooking lessons at your fingertips that will guide you through cooking like a chef and gaining confidence. Yes, confidence is the one thing that sets us apart from the professionals. This is why we asked for some pro tips from our favorite chefs in Dubai, along with advice on courageously frying, flipping, tossing, seasoning, and more.

●  First and most important, respecting Mise

The single most crucial thing that chefs do in their early cooking career is the importance of the mise. Mise is the abbreviation of the French term mise en place, and it means to organize the prepped ingredients at a place even before you start the cooking process and light the stove. The chefs always advise having everything prepared beforehand, or else you will miss out on a thing or two like you forgot to sprinkle paprika in a curry or put salt in place of sugar in a recipe of sweets. So, do like the experts, and prep until you can’t prep anymore.

● Doing the flip

A flick of the wrist, holding the pan firmly and tossing the food midair, all this followed by a soft landing of the food back in the pan- this is the process of a perfect pan-flip. The pan-flip ensures that the food is evenly cooked and the sauces are spread out graciously. The pan flip is a trick that all chefs use, especially when preparing any cuisine on high flame. 

●  An open kitchen is better than cooking schools

An open kitchen helps the chef connect with the customers in several situations. They also get inspiration for their dishes whenever the chefs lift their eyes from the plate and look around them. This is what the chef of Dubai’s famous restaurant said, and we jotted this down for your convenience and created such a good website for leading chef Dubai.

●  Glide the scissors

A pair of scissors is a trade secret of chefs, every chef uses one, but no one talks about it. Knives can be harsh on soft herbs like basil and drain out the essential aroma and juices; the scissors are more sensitive and make a gentler cut.

●  Fry It, as you like It

There is nothing more restaurant-style than deep-fried food: webbed baskets of metal hoisted into the bubbling vats of oil. But this cooking extravaganza comes with a risk of third-degree burns at the slightest splatter of the piping hot oil. Deep frying a food seals the flavor within the surrounding fats and oil, so when you take a bite, it releases a burst of flavors, which is irresistible.

The aluminum platter

Sometimes a simple tool of the renowned chefs can transform your weeknight dinner into a mouth-watering delicacy. Take the humble sizzle platter, which will cost $6 each for roasting or broiling individual portions of anything. This will save you from the hassle of using big pans for toasting a handful of nuts, broiling a single steak, making some cheesy toast, and many more.

●  Minimalistic waste

Use every edible portion of the veggies to come up with new ideas. This will reduce food wastage, and you can save money at the same time. The chef always tries to aim for minimalistic wastage, which inspires them to develop new recipes that no one thought of earlier.

●   Salting your way out

When most chefs of the world reach for kosher salt to add depth and flavor to the food, some will go for the unusual method. Some chefs use briny fermented agents to pack flavor and salinity in a single punch in their cuisines.


All the tips mentioned above are collected from some of the renowned personalities in professional cooking. We try to bring forward the best trade secrets of the greatest chefs globally, which makes the website such a good website for leading chef Dubai and abroad.

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