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How Is PEMF Technology Working?

How Is PEMF Technology Working?

You may have heard about this trending technology from your friends on social media or maybe you have heard about it in the news. If you are a science buff, you must be curious about the science behind it. Let’s have a deep insight into its working mechanism.

What is PEMF Therapy?

PEMF, short for Pulsed Electromagnetic field therapy uses low frequency electromagnetic waves to stimulate cells and to improve cellular functions. PEMF is a safe and noninvasive technology that pulses electromagnetic fields of the body to speed up the body’s natural healing mechanism. By 2007 the FDA had cleared several such stimulation devices.

How It Works?

We all know that mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell. Mitochondria are responsible for energy production in the cell. Every cell in the body has its own powerhouse or battery, you can say in other words. It is possible to boost your mitochondria via a healthy diet and lifestyle .But what if you could charge up your mitochondria directly…via a PEMF charger.

Let’s make it easier to understand. Consider your cells as batteries and PEMF as a charger. You must have noticed your body and mind completely tired and drained at the end of the day. This is because the cells slowly become depleted of energy. The PEMF mats used for PEMFT send magnetic energy into the cells that interact with the body’s own magnetic field to generate energy and improve its functioning.

“Steady illness is continually described by a low electrical charge. With enough voltage and raw materials, the body can patch almost anything”, Jerry Tennant, MD, Healing is Voltage.

What Does PEMF Do to The Body?

PEMF stimulates and charges cells throughout the body. PEMFs from PEMF mats pass through the skin and penetrate deep into the body at the cellular level. The body then uses this electromagnetic energy to heal itself through its natural healing and recovering mechanism. PEMFs affect the neural mechanism of the body to an extent where chronic health conditions can be treated.

Besides being a non-drug treatment option for various physical and mental health conditions, PEMF therapy has the following advantages to offer you.

·          Stimulates the body’s natural recovery mechanism

·          Recharges and stimulates cells for their best functioning.

·          Imparts natural energy to the body

·          Helps your body recover faster from an injury

·          Improves athletic performance

·          Reduces overall morbidity and mortality

·          Reduces pain and inflammation such as that associated with arthritis

·          Corrects cellular dysfunction throughout the body

What Science has to Say about PEMF?

The described mechanism is strong enough to convince almost everybody to use PEMF mats, but the basic thing is what science says about it? Is science in the favor of using PEMF as an alternative therapy? Let’s explore what scientists were able to demonstrate about PEMF so far

·  Following plastic surgery, PEMF reduces pain and inflammation to a noticeable extent

·  PEMF reduces chronic pain conditions like back pain or knee pain from osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. Using PEMF for just one month improved the symptoms of pain and swelling in arthritis patients and improved physical functions.

·  PEMF helps protect cartilage from breaking down in conditions like arthritis.

·  In a study, people with rotator cuff injuries were presented to PEMF, and all of them ended up showing reduced or eliminated symptoms.

Wait, Is PEMF Therapy Dangerous?

The intensity of pulsed electromagnetic waves and their exposure time are the two most important things to consider while discussing the safety of PEMF. The frequency of electromagnetic waves used in PEMF therapy is usually low. Most of them fall in the range of 5-30Hz.This is similar to those you would encounter in nature, even less than a thunderstorm.

Moreover, most of the PEMF therapy sessions last for 10-20 minutes. During these sessions, the PEMF machines burst electromagnetic frequencies in areas of the body and brain requiring healing. This implies that PEMF therapy is generally a safe alternative technique for most people.

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