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Just search forvisiting cards designand your webpage will be flooded with multiple visiting card designs, prices, layouts, images suggested by Pinterest, and nonetheless, you will find blogs too.

The world of visiting cards has never stayed in one format. The journey of a standard visiting card has been through transformations, from quality to font and eventually to type. A visiting card has its whole journey to share.

Along with the quality, the design had evolved too. In the following words, we will see how a pack of standard visiting cards had the whole journey or continuous evolution. Which is still on track to change on an everyday basis.

What is a Visiting Card?

A business card also referred to as a visiting card is a small, credit card-sized piece of paper. Mentioned with official details such as a person’s name, official position, contact details, business address, and business logo.

Your business card is your identity, it creates your first impression on someone without actually sharing any words. A visiting card is an introduction in itself. And if that visiting card is designed artistically and perfectly, somewhere between the font or color combination of the person you are sharing your card with the hopes of them calling you back, they might actually do.

Why Impressive visiting cards?

As a visiting card is your first introduction, that speaks a lot about what you do. Sometimes it is better to share your information practically rather than verbally to make a valuable remembrance in the mind of people you met.

Now, having a simple credit card-sized piece of paper with your information on it might not be attractive enough to keep it in the visiting cardholder. Rather it would find its place under the pile of files or in some corner of a desk drawer.

On the other hand, if you represent yourself with a perfectly designed visiting card. That has a bit of your business’s impression on it, that visiting card will surely help. And be worthy enough, only if it justifies and describes your brand’s true image.

Whether you are an individual, a freelancer, a bakery owner, owner of a technology company, or if you are related to any other industry. Having a visiting card is a must for you. To represent yourself in sudden moments of life and to let people remind you in the future too, or even to expand your business, you would hold them your business card.

How to create Visiting Cards Design by Oneself?

Before moving towards how to create visiting card design by yourself, let’s know what are the important factors to keep in mind before designing your business card.

  • Company Logo: If you own a start-up, and are willing to design your first business card by yourself. Then before doing that you have to make sure your company’s logo is completed. And if you are a freelance worker, make sure to have a logo ready that describes what you do in the best manner.
  • Official Details: The next thing to keep in mind is your official details. Try not to disclose your personal information, but share your official identity. If you don’t hold any official website or email address, focus on creating those things first.
  • Color Combination: Lastly, make sure you have your visiting card’s color combination suitable, easy for words to read, and also pleasant to look at.

The following are the ways to design your visiting card:

  • Choose The Shape And Size: The very first thing when you start designing your visiting card, keep a clear vision in mind about what shape and size of visiting card you wish for. From standard visiting cards to square visiting cards, rectangular visiting cards, circles, and even postcard size too. There are many shapes and sizes to opt for. What all matters is that your visiting card’s design matches the background of your business.
  • Add The Logo And Other Graphics: Irrespective of what shape and size you choose, do not forget the details that are necessary to be mentioned in your visiting card. The company’s logo in a visiting card should always take the centre stage. As a logo tells about the business’ background and so as the business card. And now in this world of digitization, graphics and a QR Code in the side corner for scanning is new to meet introduction with technology.
  • Add Necessary Texts: The Following is the textual part. When you start mentioning your name, business details, position, contact details, address, email, social media, and other things. Make sure the font is readable, the size of the font is neither too big nor too small, and lastly, the color of the textual part matches and compliments the background, in place of losing in the see of uneven background color.
  • Consider Special Finish: Lastly, it comes to the end part of the final touch. Make sure when you finish your visiting card’s designing it not just only looks well representable and easy to read, but also the final touch makes it all stick together. By laminating your business card you will get a bunch of completely covered, not to rip off visiting cards.

(CONCLUSION:) The world is transforming towards innovation every day, and with that has come changes even in visiting cards. The credit card-sized paper visiting cards that have evolved with time in shape and size have also changed in the material. The paper visiting cards changed into plastic visiting cards and now, further digitization has created visiting cards virtually.

By Anurag Rathod

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