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 The year 2020 has been marked in the history of the world. There are never-ending effects that COVID-19 has bought on almost everything. The people have stopped socializing like before and they are traveling less than they used to. Most prominently they are working from home, which is returned has affected their productivity and the industry´s efficiency. 

The prevailing conditions of COVID-19 could not be ignored, which is why many of the businesses have been forced to shut down. Despite the drawbacks, certain industries could take advantage of their business. For instance, the real estate industry has got benefits from the COVID-19 implications all over. 


We are all aware of the Novel Coronavirus and its prevailing conditions in the world since the year 2020. But what needs to be mentioned here is the effects it has had on the economy and businesses all around the globe. Besides a Trillion deaths, COVID-19 has greatly left its impact in the world of businesses. 

A lot of firms have been bankrupt due to the economic crisis of prolonged shutdown. However, on the contrary, Real Estate companies, online shops, medical centers, and certain more industries have gained benefits in these times. 

Sigma Properties, the fastest-growing property consultant marketing company in Pakistan, have flourished as seen. In the wake of current times when the real estate industry is taking the common imperatives in consideration. Sigma properties have been involved in great successes since last year. The company has helped the real estate projects get the majority of sales as recorded in the past few yew years. Some of the targeted projects of Sigma Properties include Taj Residencia, Park View City, Capital Smart City, Blue World City, Eighteen Islamabad, and Bahria Town Islamabad to name a few. 


By now, one thing we know is that the lives of people will be carried forward with the Novel Coronavirus. Hence there are several trends that have taken place mostlyin the favor of the Real Estate industry:

  • To alter the living people have moved greatly to a sense of saving money, making investments, and prominently owning a property. For this cause, the commercial and residential offerings have been on the hype of demands from investors and buyers. Sigma properties are efficiently dealing with the investors and buyers to make sure they make the best possible decision of investment. 
  • The people have realized that how important it is to own a house, for the means of saving money and secure their future. Owning a house in personal possession has become a priority for everyone. To help secure this concern Sigma Properties are guiding its customers to the best possible option. m
  • In current timesthe coronavirus hasled the companies opt for the digitalization. The concept of digitalization has been adopted by everyone because it makes sure the tasks and functions are carried out on daily basis without interruptions.However, real estate has mostly taken all the possible advantagesfrom digital solutions. Sigma properties have successfully maintained its website with updated data each day. The concerned team makes sure that authentic and revised data have been posted. 
  • A lot property developers and dealers have made sure that the buyers are given leverage to buy a property. As the major concern of people of owning a house is troubled due to being tax heavy, having fewer savings, and burdened with other responsibilities. The efficient real estate companies have played a win-win situation by offering residential and commercial properties an affordable price range. Making sure their sales are increased and the demands of buyers are fulfilled the most satisfying way. The easy payment plan on installments have been introduced, which is even convenient for those who have no savings or those who just started to earn.
  • The most seen change in the world is the concept of work from home WFH. WFH is trending on hype and as is it expected to continue in the long run. The designers have come up with an idea of designing a work from home spaces as a part of home infrastructure. This area in the house will be designed completely as the workstation for anyone who wants to work without any other distraction. The new designs with WFH space and the affordable properties have intrigued a lot of people into buying a house in the first place.
  • The concept of saving and investing have raised for the safe future. The real estate firms have developed a lot of new projects for the cause.


The changes that have been bought by the coronavirus to the world of businesses has greatly affected the companies despite their kind or size. Many companies have been affected negatively and many on the contrary have gained endless benefits by all means. As elaborated above, the new trends and changing believes of people have greatly been a benefit to the real estate industry.

However, Sigma Property claims to offer the best possible services to its customers. We at the Sigma properties are working with the young and talented members, with an auxiliary team support.

Sigma Properties understand the needs and demands of its customers and makes suer that all the offerings are offered the same way as claimed. There are certain of the services that we have at the Sigma Properties:

  • Financial services: The Sigma Properties offers some amazing financial services such as it collects the association fees, does Bill payments, prepares the annual reports, does planning and budgeting.
  • HOA services: The Sigma properties doing the weekly board communication, attends months board meetings, provides the ownership management and similar condo services can be availed here.
  • Property services: The best property dealings can be done via Sigma properties. The firm offers you the construction management, manages environmental issues, supervises personell, obtains insurance, filing of certificates, screening vendors, maintaining of the exterior along with the interior of infrastructure and so on.

In general, it can be said that in the COVOD-19, Sigma Properties is doing its best.

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M Junaid Lead Writer, Content Marketer at Sigma Properties, A writer by Day and reader by night

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