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How to Effective Teaches Quran Online

How to Effective Teaches Quran Online

Much has been written about how to learn Quran online effectively. There are tons of helpful resources available for online Quran students. They can apply different tips to be better learners.

While all those tips and strategies may be useful, nothing is more important than the role of your tutor. Surprisingly enough, very little has been written about it. There are barely any tutorials or tips available for online Quran teachers.

To be a fast and effective online Quran learner, it’s important that your tutor knows the best teaching practices. If you are at ease with your tutor and enjoy your time with him/her, you will learn Quran online much quicker besides learning much more. So we have made an effort to share a few tips for online Quran teachers that will make them better at teaching the Quran online.

1. Be Patient

Patience should be a prime pre-requisite for a tutor. An impatient tutor and a tutor who can’t control his anger can never be a great tutor.

A tutor has to deal with all kinds of students, kids, adults, slow, sharp, students with different backgrounds, mental, emotional and social needs. Every student has a different learning capacity too. Some students will be too slow to pick an idea while others will be reasonably fast.

It’s important that you deal every student according to their learning capacity. It’s easy to lose your patience with a slow learner. However, the tutor who has the ability to maintain his patience and composure even with the laziest of the students prove to be an impactful one.

2. Be Motivating

Another pre-requisite for an online Quran tutor is that he/she should constantly motivate their students. This quality plays a great role in student’s success.

Only teaching and no motivation will do no good. Students constantly need motivation to continue their learning and get past challenges. As a tutor, you should always keep your students motivated by appreciating their efforts, giving them prizes and stars and by telling them the benefits of learning the Quran. Even if they don’t do well, avoid yelling at them and encourage them to try harder next time.

You will fail as a tutor if your students lose their motivation and quit or lose interest in learning the Quran online. It’s mainly your responsibility to keep them motivated all the time.

3. Be Cooperative

A Quran tutor has to be cooperative and ready to help students whenever they need. He should give his students the confidence that he is always there for them.

Students can ask you questions and ask for your help anytime. At times you might be busy or it might not simply be a good time. As a tutor, you should never decline a student’s request for help no matter what. Your students should always count on you.

A cooperative tutor is the one who encourages students to ask questions and then happily answer them even if it requires some research. A cooperative tutor is the one who puts student’s convenience and needs above his own. A cooperative tutor is the one who never says no to a student when it comes to enhancing his Quran reading proficiency.

4. Put yourself in student’s shoes

Keep your student’s age and mental level in mind when teaching them. When you put yourself at student’s level, it will be easy for you to understand how they feel about certain things and how their mind process things. You might think of a concept very easy but your students might find it very hard to grasp.

I will share my own experience here. I have been teaching a 50 year student the Quran for over a year. Initially, he would constantly repeat his mistakes and every time he would do this, I would get very angry and yell at him. Because I thought the mistakes he was doing were simple and he should not be repeating them. One day he complained to me that he was 50 years old and that his memory was not as good at it used to be.

This realization made it possible for me to bear with him and give him more time to think every time he sticks.

As a Quran tutor, make sure you see things through student’s lenses.

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