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A chatbot’s purpose is to automate many tasks that would otherwise require a huge staff to handle. Using chatbots made by hired android or iOS mobile developers correctly can also improve your website’s ranking and engagement. Examine what constitutes a solid SEO strategy and how chatbots might aid in its implementation.

Chatbots and SEO

The use of chatbots can ease things for both the business and the customer in many ways. Consider this example – a customer needs to track the shipping information about a product they purchased a few days ago. They could find it tough to find that information without the help of a bot.

Nevertheless, a bot can redirect them to the relevant page and instruct them about how to input tracking data to retrieve all relevant information. Ultimately, it leads to a more pleasant, engaging, and user-friendly experience. As a result, customers are more likely to spend longer on the website and leave pleased when things are made easy. The average time spent on a page, intermediary pages viewed, and the time taken to accomplish a job are factors that Google considers when determining a site’s relevancy.

These departments can all be assisted by chatbots. Chatbots enhance the user experience and provide customer support. Another benefit of bots is that they dissuade non-native English speakers from being hesitant to ask for assistance since they don’t have to worry about a human judging them.

In What Ways Does ‘Good Website SEO’ Work?

The search engine behemoth has released many algorithms that determine SEO relevance. Almost all of them are regularly updated. Unfortunately, no one knows how these algorithms work and what the search engines consider when ranking sites. One can only guess at best.

One theory is that Google prefers user-centric pages. A page that gives the user exactly what they need leaves them satisfied and encourages them to stay longer on the page. Time.

Experts have discovered the following factors necessary to determine a ‘good SEO Strategy’ over time.

  • A fast-loading site.
  • A good font choice.
  • User-friendly.
  • Find what you’re looking for easily
  • Information of high quality
  • Navigation that’s easy

In this SEO story, what role do chatbots play?

1. Dwell time is improved by chatbots

For example, in the absence of a chatbot presence, visitors may quickly leave the tracking shipping information page. From an SEO perspective, this is a bad sign. The search engine considers the page unhelpful as it does not provide relevant information or assistance to the visitor. In addition, longer bounce times adversely affect search engine optimization.

With chatbots, you can take action quickly and easily. But, as a result, they encourage people to stay longer on the page, which increases dwell time. Chatbots that keep visitors engaged for longer have higher dwell times.

2. Enhance the search experience

There could be a lot of information that a user is searching for. For example, as we mentioned earlier, perhaps they seek information about tracking or shipping a product. Maybe they are seeking information about business hours.

Customers can improve search results by proactively asking chatbots what they are looking for. Consider it a virtual concierge who always knows how to get you to where you need to go.

3. Chatbots improve your ratings

A satisfied customer finds what they are looking for quickly rather than searching in 10 different locations. Happy customers will never hesitate to express their gratitude. You can expect them to leave glowing reviews on Google and other relevant channels, such as social media.

By using chatbots for SEO, you can invariably improve your Google rankings. Bots are an irreplaceable tool for businesses and also a solution-oriented tool.

4. Chatbots provide better insight and improve operations by collecting data

A bot is one of the most effective ways that websites can collect customer information and reviews. Bots can be designed in such a way that you can access user contact information. Then, you can point them to a review form every time they interact with you.

You may question them about their pain issue, how their encounter went, and if they have any recommendations for enhancing the business by filling out the form. If you consider those views and insights, you can take on a lot of practical improvement tasks.

Three steps to optimizing Chatbots for SEO

1. Select ‘outcome quiz’ as your content type in your builder.

When optimizing your chatbot for SEO, you must ensure that your bot can answer most of your users’ questions. Essentially, you need to design your bot to do more than offer a “Hi, how may I help you?” statement and a contact link. The chatbot itself needs to be able to answer most users’ questions without human intervention.

2. Provide links to key pages on your website via the chatbot

It is vital to expose users to different pages on your site and encourage them to explore the site thoroughly to increase time spent on the site. A chatbot excels because it can parse the user’s question and determine which page on the site is appropriate. Chatbots help users quickly find the answer to their questions by linking them to different pages on the site. Keeping users on your site for a more extended period boosts search engine optimization.

3. Make your chatbot work with your CRM

You can use your chatbot to collect contact information from your users. You can then send regular emails promoting all of your latest content to these visitors using your chosen CRM. In addition to improving your SEO, lead nurturing will increase your chances of converting these leads into customers.


In addition to helping your customers, chatbots also assist search engines in making more informed decisions about where to place your page among search engine results. Their solution-oriented nature makes them an excellent choice for your business if deployed intelligently.

By Anurag Rathod

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