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Scare for a global pandemic has rose to an extent where motivating your clients is an uphill task for studio owners. Though the challenges seem bigger, owners and fitness instructors have to guide and help their clients with a logical force that brings joys to wellbeing. In US, almost 48% of people are finding it difficult to fetch the right motivation to do health exercises at home or at workplace.

Being a yoga or pilates studio owner, you need to initiate helping your clients with a goal-oriented mindset. Even if there is no direct or face-to-face interaction with your clients, you need ways to get them stirred about the lively pleasures of virtual workout methods to achieve a long-term goal in disguise. 

There are different ways to bring your clients back to the fitness mood, however with digital media in play you must focus and motivate them to get on the path of vigour.

1.Guide them to create a workout space near their loving space

It may be a short room, a sun-drenched backyard or any private space within their reach; it could be anywhere of their interest as having an own space is a great way to make them feel motivated. People these days are more interested in home workouts due to the global pandemic situation. So, letting them choose one is a great move to get going once again.

Things to remember for your clients:

  • An open space is always appreciated for yoga and doing cardio-exercises.
  • Invest in a small makeshift to keep your workout items tidy.
  • Body needs an added support, so make a multi-purpose space with strong home flooring
  • Prevent workout interruptions with easy access to support items such as yoga mat, water, towels etc.
  • Be punctual with the schedules as at home one need to self-motivated first.

2. Get them committed to easy to go workout equipment at home

We know about the after expenses of Covid-19, still an average American spends an almost $100 for home-fitness. So being a fitness or yoga studio owner you must recommend sellers of good repute giving discounts on items for your clients. It will raise your intent to serve in your clients mind as well as motivating them towards fitness even more. 

  • Studio Bookings, Fitness studio software has lot many features to manage your schedule, email alerts with easy-to-use activity dashboard for your clients to have everything set right at one place.
  • Total membership management with on-demand classes to propel your clients’ interest are certain online feature to lit up a desire to stay alert and grow healthy with all-time consistency.
  • Keep the payment options easy and hassle free to seamlessly focus on fitness.

3. Prevent online chaos and make an easy to go software to grab customer attention

Covid-19 pandemic itself has given has given a lot to worry about. So, being a fitness studio owner it’s your job to make your struggling customers’ land on a platform that’s easy to manage and keep them updated on the tasks. It helps keeping them motivated and make their simpler with energy. Be sure, your customers will love it.

A simple and easy to handle fitness or yoga studio software will guide your customers to stay focussed and healthy with on-demand classes and laudable management staff to guide through all health queries every time.

  • Integrating Zoom classes lets your instructors manage the customer base at ease and also allows clients to join over live classes giving confirmation once your clients schedule appointments. Livestreaming guides interest and makes your client feel connected to you personally for a healthy wellbeing.
  • Making your clients feel even personal with on-demand classes will make a busy customer stay connected and attracted to your honesty for them. Also, it will act as a revenue generation method for studio owners with a distinctive offering in terms of value and integrity.

4. Prioritize setting customers’ progress graph

Whether you are fitness instructor or run yoga studio software, your actions will motivate your client’s acceptance to their fitness goals. Try setting up achievable and relevant fitness programs or events that drives client’s interest on a strict fitness regime. 

Pushing your associates to the next level motivates them to stay active even during this pandemic and most importantly, making it possible over online platforms makes your job more challenging yet satisfying.

Studio Bookings special feature led yoga studio software makes it even more achievable. 

5. A Reward program may sound more interesting

A fitness challenge or an online workout game and activities will spice up your routine and get you out of your exercising rut makes you feel more energetic and motivated. It drives an adrenaline rush within a friendly competition that inspires your clients to move forward. 

Friendly challenges with multiple reward point system maximize interest and excitement towards fitness goals.

Takeaway: A digital move

Yes, sometime motivating clients can be a challenge but making it a fun-loving experience inspires you as a fitness instructor or owner as well as your clients. All you need to provide your client a space they love to render their fitness goals, it could either be a physical place or over the online mediums. 

Digital world has a lot to offer and with a proper studio management software and adequate tools you can help motivate your clientele and create success goals to keep them just more than motivated.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.