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Tiles are trending materials used for walls and floors to enhance the look of a house’s interior or exterior. Tiles give a scintillating effect upon first glance. They are more than just pretty looks. The durability, strength, easy cleaning, longevity, resistance to pressure, stains, heat, fire and water make it a perfect choice for homes. Moreover, tiles are available in myriad shapes, colors, and sizes, giving people a variety of options to choose what they desire. 

You can choose any color to match with your theme and interior design. Coupling a tile color with the same color curtains and tapestry can give a chic look. You might match your cutlery with the color of your tiles to manifold the curb appeal of your home. 

Here we have a list of guidelines to help you choose the best tiles for decorating your abode. 

Look for the trending styles:

Before you actually purchase a tile, make sure you go through the trending tile styles in this year. For instance, larger rectangle tiles are commonly being installed for a splendid look. Smaller unique shaped tiles, like hexagons are also in fashion. People with eternal love for wood can opt for wood-like tiles to give a rustic touch to their house’s interior. Unlike wood, tiles don’t get warped or swell up on being exposed to water. 

Know the types of tiles and your choice:

There are about 6 types of tiles available in the market to cater to your preferences. There are porcelain, ceramic, glass, marble and granite tiles. Each has its peculiarity and beauty.

  • Natural stone tiles: tend to be the most expensive ones, yet preferred by many. These are heavier, and can be easily stained. Therefore, necessitate being sealed to prevent staining. You might as well only use them on walls, if you have children who are real mess creators, and use porcelain tiles for the floors in the rooms that you spend most of your time in. 
  • Glass tiles: have the glossiest surfaces, are easiest to clean, resistant to stains, but prone to get scratched. Therefore, it is better to install them on walls only, and as they can get dull with time it is better to couple these with some other tile type for floor.
  • Granite tiles: are resistant to stains and high temperature. They are heavy and need special consideration of this fact when being installed. Granites are famous for being used as countertops in the kitchen to give an elegant and natural look, also the fact that they resist fire makes them a go-to option for countertops. Contrasting a deep colored granite countertop with plain white tiles on the walls can give a cooling effect. 
  • Marble tiles: are elegant and high maintenance. They need to be taken special care of. They are costly, highly porous thus can absorb water and be easily cracked. Therefore, Tile Installation in Reston VA use sealants to make them water-resistant. It is recommended to get marble tiles installed on the walls of living rooms or kitchen countertops, where they are least exposed to water, and not in the bathrooms.
  • Porcelain tiles: being affordable than other types and more durable than ceramic is trending among common masses. Manufacturers can imitate the look of a natural stone, marble or wood to add spice to your room, whilst using the relatively cheaper and more long-lasting porcelain tiles. 
  • Ceramic tiles: are known to be the least expensive ones, pertaining to the fact that they are more porous and less resistant to water and pressure. Some of the best tiles come in various designs to help you achieve the look you desire, and still be affordable. Ceramic should be used on walls in the kitchen or rooms, wherever it won’t be exposed to high traffic and water.    

Choose the colors wisely:

Home designers are loving the use of different contrasting colors to add grandeur to the house’s interior. Colors like greys and whites are being immensely used together to prevent a boring effect and give a sophisticated look. To add warmth to the room one might make use of shades of brown and beige. Monotony can be dull, therefore warmer tones are mixed with lighter colors to give a scintillating feeling. 

If all wall tiles are similar, designers prefer coupling them with differently colored or differently shaped floor tiles to add excitement. As long as the wall and floor tiles don’t look disconnected from one another, keep playing till you get a trendy look.   

Decide if you prefer a matte or a lustrous look:

Both tiles are extremely chic, each having its own beauty. Glossy walls combined with matte floors give it a modern look. Moreover, you might opt for shiny floors for your living and dining room for a sophisticated yet sleek look. Matte finished tiles are better to be installed in toilets and bathrooms to prevent slipping. Moreover, glossy tiles tend to reflect light, thus less electricity can be used to lighten up the room.

A floor tile is for floor and a wall tile for the wall:

Another very important fact to know before purchasing the best tile is that you cannot use a wall tile for your flooring and vice versa. Wall tiles tend to be thinner and lighter in weight, because they are to be installed on vertical surfaces. Heavy tiles on walls are more likely to drop due to gravity. On the contrary, floor tiles are thicker and heavier, to enable them to endure high pressure and heavy traffic. They are also less slippery as compared to wall tiles. 

So, when you are hiring Tile Installation services in Reston VA and selecting the best tiles for your house, make sure you don’t choose a floor tile for your wall.

Laying differently sized tiles:

One of the most trending designs is to lay different sizes of best tiles to give an uneven, yet a balanced look. The tiles are not of similar size but will be of the same kind. This will give an opportunity to make the most out of plain tiles and be able to give a modish look with simple efforts. 

By Anurag Rathod

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