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With the urgency to get more and more people vaccinated, ride-hailing Gojek App has joined hands with the vaccination provider. It is offering the pair of $15 & $30 vouchers, to the citizens of Singapore when they traveling to and from Covid-19 vaccination centers.

People who haven’t used Gojek at all will have to download the app. To avail of the facility before Aug 31. For the existing users, the vouchers are sent to the accounts. Hence, while traveling to the Vaccination centers it can be used. 

The users will use the vouchers from 27th May to 31st August, between 8 am to 8 pm.

The general manager of Gojek Singapore, Mr. Lien Choong Luen made an announcement. He said that they have actively participated in helping their riders to take up the vaccine when their turn comes. Gojek Singapore wants to remove the transportation barriers for the users who have made an appointment at the suggested vaccination centers. 

Furthermore, the general manager of Gojek clone said that these are the ride vouchers, used to reach vaccination centers. Thus, the vouchers can be used at the beginning or end at vaccination sites. The Ministry of Health has appointed the vaccinated centers. The centers includes polyclinics, hospitals, clinics, clubs, and vaccination centers.

Ride Free To The Vaccination Centers

The vouchers’ terms and conditions specify to use only during vaccine-related trips only. The vaccination trip vouchers will be available to those who download the Gojek clone App before Aug 31. 

As part of its initiative to support healthcare workers and frontline workers during the pandemic, at the same time last year, Gojek gave out ride vouchers to the frontline and healthcare workers of Singapore. 

Gojek expanded its initiative by partnering with Tan Tock Seng Hospital to hand out more vouchers to the employees. 

The Gojek General Manager further stated that with this campaign they wanted to spread awareness. Thus, more and more people will get vaccines. Thus, help to fight against the pandemic

Approximately, 2.1 million individuals or more of Singapore have received their first dose of the COVID19 vaccine.  

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