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We are living in an era where everything runs on innovation. These innovations are leading our lives, and we know them as On-Demand Apps. It is worth mentioning that these mobile apps have made our lives smoother and convenient. One of the big innovations to discuss in particular is the Gojek Clone application.

What was initially launched as a ride-sharing app is now a full-fledged multi-service offering app. There was no looking back ever since. The app today has earned the tag of “Super App”. 

This has led to garnering the attention of those business owners who wish to invest in a similar solution for their On-Demand Multiservice business.

Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone – A well-crafted multiservice app

A Super App like Gojek has a rare combination that offers multiple services to the customers under a single app.

Thus, creating an app like Gojek Clone will be highly beneficial to businesses, especially if you are launching where there is currently no such app available.

Gojek Clone Script is a robust, scalable app solution that holds the latest features that allow the app owner to make changes. It is 100% customizable to suit your customer’s needs.

This Super App is a pre-built solution that integrates 101+ On-Demand Multi-Services under one application.

Gojek Clone Provides On-Demand Multiple Services 

Gojek Clone App has multiple offerings comprised of an Uber Clone-like App that allows the app owner to provide ride-hailing services

The app has an On-Demand Food Delivery Services segment. It allows the store owners and restaurants to join the app, earn a good income, and make profits. The app provides them with a platform that connects them directly to the users. This arrangement works best for the service provider who is unable to afford to develop an app. They can join the platform and start earning. 

In the same way, the app has a separate section made for the “Other Services“. It comprises 101+ services that include Handyman services, Babysitters, On-Demand salon services, Car-washing services, Sanitization services, House cleaning/Maid services, Carpenter, Electricians, Pet walkers, Lawyers, Lawyers, Locksmith and much more. This service segment also includes freelancer service providers where the users can directly connect with them and schedule their services.

Gojek Clone Script – Spontaneous nature of gratification

Since it is an on-demand business, it means your users can access the services whenever they need them. For example, your user wants a taxi, he/she is a few taps will hire the taxi services on the go. Likewise, it is with the other services. Whenever the user wishes to order food from the nearby restaurants to send flowers to schedule a parcel pickup to get laundry services, the app arranges everything.

The reason behind its growing popularity is its instantaneous nature of gratification making it ideal for any on-demand business.

The Gojek Clone Script Solution app allows users to get what they want without having to undergo a tedious registering process. It is a single download and single registration offering access to the 101+ services all at once.

Why Does Having One App With So Many Services Make Sense?

Well, think from the user point of view. For every different chore, they have to download different apps. 

Downloading and registering the app is too tedious and time-consuming. Not to forget it clutters the smartphone, compromising the storage space.

Think this way: people who want to travel through a cab will need to buy groceries, order food, and even need a babysitter. Giving them everything in a single app can save their time and effort. This way they can simply order for the services they wish to avail and be done with it.

The simplicity and convenience that Gojek Clone App offers makes all the sense to develop the app.

Having downloaded the Gojek Clone App on their smartphones, the users will not have the need of downloading any other app.

How To Get Hold Of Customized Gojek Clone App

It is easy. Visit the app development company’s website before approaching them to get a sense of their work professionally.

  • Go ahead and fill out the “Contact Us” form.
  • A sales representative will connect with you for further discussion.
  • Meanwhile, you can check the demo, the features, and the plan packages.
  • Once you have taken the demo in the live environment and have discussed it with the sales team, your app reaches the next phase.
  • You give out your requirements and get that demo. Once you have finalized it, you pay and the team starts the white-labelling process.
  • The license source code is given for you to use life-time 

In Conclusion

Before placing the order for the app, make sure you have transparent communication with the team. Ensure the work agreements include everything, even the deadlines.

Let them know what you want to customize within the app. Take the final demo of the app and then the white-labelling process starts. The team provides you with the licensed source code and then installs it in the Play Store and App Store.

All it needs is market research and patience. Your app gets ready within a week, and you can start the business right away.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.