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Start On Demand Multi Services App Business In Egypt With Gojek Clone App

Start On Demand Multi Services App Business In Egypt With Gojek Clone App

Apart from being the land of ancient mysteries and hidden treasures, Egypt is also a thriving country with new and advanced business solutions. Being positioned strategically on the Egypt has been the hub of transportation business since a long time. But as more and more people have started using smart phones, all kinds of services are being availed using their trusted hand held devices and gadgets. The Gojek Clone app development marks the beginning of a new era of technological independence and the sovereignty in the country. 

What is the Gojek Clone App?

Think of it as a singular platform that can provide multiple service business solutions. There are 4 primary types of services that are catered within the Gojek Clone Source Code, each with its own further sections. Let us try to lay out a bifurcation of the services that can be availed using the app and then get down to discussing its business utilities. 

Taxi Service

As mentioned before, Egypt has always been at a globally strategic location. This is why; the country sees a lot of movement in terms of traffic, whether it is tourist or business type. This is where the taxi service comes into picture. Within the Gojek Clone source code, there is a taxi service section using which users can hire cabs easily. There are different types of vehicles that can be hired ranging from a bike to a bus depending on the number of travelers and budget. 

Parcel delivery

This is a service that allows users to send across parcels. There are two further kinds of deliveries within this section. They are:

Single Delivery

This option allows users to send across parcels from one place to another place. The vehicle type can be adjusted and selected on the basis of volume, weight, delivery speed and budget. The size of the package or the number of package can be anything ranging from an envelope to a 100 bags of cement. 

Multiple Delivery

This option allows users to send across multiple packages to multiple destinations. Say for example, if someone wishes to send across a 100 bags of cement, 20 of which are to be dropped off at destination A, 20 to destination B, 20 to destination, and 40 to destination C, they can use this option. Once again, the vehicle type can be selected based on the volume of the items being sent, the weight of said items, the delivery speed that is desired and the budget of the sender. 

Store Based Delivery

This option has an added component of the store in the application. This means that the user can directly buy items from the application and have them delivered to their mentioned addresses. There are multiple types within this category. They are:

Food Delivery

This section works like the UberEats app and will allow users to buy food online and get them home delivered. 

Grocery Delivery

This section will allow users to purchase grocery from the app and get them delivered to their doorstep.

Bottled Water Delivery

Users can purchase bottled drinking water and get it hoe delivered. 

  1. Flower Delivery
  2. Baked items delivery
  3. Pharmacy delivery
  4. Etc.
  5. Services

This section allows users to hire service providers directly from the app who can then come to the mentioned addresses to provide their services. The Gojek Clone app supports over 70 different kinds of services including:

  1. Doctor on demand
  2. Plumber on demand
  3. Electrician on demand
  4. Home Cook on demand
  5. Nurses on demand
  6. Tutors on Demand
  7. Trainers on demand
  8. Dog walkers on demand
  9. Etc.

Setting up your business

The Gojek Clone is a tool to empower not only the users to allow them to choose a service of their kind, but also the best opportunity for local service providers to make money, all the while giving the app owners a chance to make money. 

This means that there are 3 ways in which the app helps the society in general:

  1. Users get what they want when they want it. They can select any of the 70 services and enjoy doorstep delivery of products and services. 
  2. Local service providers can digitize their services and grow their audience. They can make their service available to a much larger audience. What’s more, a single service provider with multiple expertises can register to offer multiple services thereby increasing their own chances of earning profits. 
  3. The app owner makes a commission each time the app is used. The user can hire any kind of service or buy anything from the app. Each time they do so, the app owner will earn a commission for providing the Gojek App as a platform. 

Business time

The post Corona Virus pandemic world is going to be a lot different from how it used to be earlier. People would prefer to avoid physical contact with others at all costs and prefer more and more services delivered to their doorstep. The Gojek Clone app is absolutely ripe for the taking right now. This is the time to invest in technologically advanced solutions to facilitate and foster profitability at every level. The Gojek Clone app development provides the perfect opportunity to do so. 


If you wish to rule the multi services market in Egypt, this is the right time for you to buy the Gojek Clone app and launch it. The only thing that you must observe caution for is to only purchase the Gojek Clone app from a reliable white label on demand mobile app development company with at least 7 to 9 years of experience in building and launching such apps. Also, make sure that you test the app thoroughly before you purchase and launch it in to the market. 

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