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KINGX 2022: Reward Systems And Revenue Models You Cannot Take Your Eyes Off!

KINGX 2022: Reward Systems And Revenue Models You Cannot Take Your Eyes Off!


Motivation is a force that can actively alter Human Behavior. Different Motivational Levels impact the reasons why People may Initiate, Continue or Discard certain kinds of behavior at a particular point in time! But, why are we talking about motivation? Well, it is one of the most important Marketing Tactic Gojek Clone Kingx 2022 uses. These are actually meant to enhance the User Experience and keep them ‘MOTIVATED’ to Use the App! 

Here are a few common App Usage Scenarios where the App Users and Providers get rewarded! 


The Super App offers to Invite a Friend or a Referral Code System. What happens if the User uses it? 

In this System, you’ll get rewarded with a Specific Referral Amount if another User uses your Code to Register with the App and Complete their First Ride/Order. This Amount is credited to your App’s Wallet. The App Admin sets the Referral Amount! 

To check your Referral Code, Go to the KINGX 2022 App Menu > Invite Friends. On the top of the Screen, you’ll see a Code like ‘PRTTBL02496.’ By clicking on the ‘INVITE FRIENDS’ Button at the Bottom, the App User can share this Code via their Social Media Accounts!

The App provides Driver Reward Features using which the App Owner offers Monetary Incentives! 

Powerful Gojek like App now includes a Freshly Added Feature in KINGX 2022 – the Driver Reward. It is more like a Loyalty Program in which the Drivers can achieve a certain Level or Badge. This Level/Badge remarks the Good Services or more number of Trips! For example, a Driver on Silver Level will have to complete 250 more Rides to accomplish Gold Level and earn an incentive of US$100. 

Once the Driver gets to Gold Level, the Admin credits their In-App Wallet the Reward Amount. 


Even App Owners need Monetary-Based Motivation to work through On Demand Multi Service App! Let’s see these Modules!  Here are the two Lucrative Revenue Models of this App:

Facebook Ads and Google Ads 

The App Owner can now accommodate space for Facebook or Google Ad Banners on the App’s Home Screen. Well, these Ads can be annoying for the Users, which is why they are placed only on the Home Screen! 

But how will they generate earnings for the App Owner? These Ads are usually used for Promotional Purposes. 

So, let’s hypothetically suppose that Domino’s Pizza starts offering Delivery via Gojek Clone App. Now, they can post a Facebook or Google Ad about their 50% Discount on Orders above US$99! Thus, if App User taps on the Ad Banner, the App Owner will get a Certain Amount for one Single Click. This basically runs on the concept of ‘Pay-per-Click’!

Membership Plans for Customers 

The Membership Plans are for the App Users. The Plans offer a Bundle of Perks and Benefits with One-Time-Purchase. For Example, let’s say you’re Purchasing a Membership Plan worth US$129. In this Plan, the App Owner may give Perks like, Upto 25 Free Deliveries, 10% Off on Restaurant Menus, Guaranteed 30-minute Delivery, etc. 

The App Owner can sell these attractive Plans to Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App Users and generate a Steady and Reliable Revenue! 


Are you ready to Earn Easy and Quick Money? If yes, then offer these attractive Revenue Models and Reward Systems to the App Users. See your Profits Skyrocket in no time with this All-Inclusive App. 

Get your hands on Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App and become a Millionaire in 2022! 

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