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7 out of 10 entrepreneurs are showing keen interest in developing a Super App. The market is facing new trend – shifting from single purpose to multi-purpose app Gojek clone. 

This article’s goal is to walk you through the key ideas behind the idea of “super applications like Gojek,” while also illuminating the factors that contributed to their popularity and providing some concrete examples.

Why Enterprises Are Going Super Now?

As the environment shifts, more apps are adopting super features, as we’ve seen.

It is convenient

We’ve discussed how single-purpose standalone apps are oversaturated on mobile devices, which leads to a low usage rate for many of them. Our phones are packed with icons, so finding the correct app to complete daily chores frequently involves scrolling through screens. 

On-demand Multi-services App allow users to quickly access a range of services without having to abandon the app, switch to another one, or go through their phone’s search bar. They also lessen the amount of time needed to learn how to use various new services.

User-centric Design 

Consumers are becoming more aware of goods that favour the company over the user also known as product-centric design. Super apps, however, are all about the services they offer to their customers and how seamlessly they fit into daily life and business. 

This one stop solution for all the needs app frequently make significant investments in app performance and user experience design, both of which help to increase user satisfaction and retention rates.

Biometric Login and Sign-in 

An individual’s phone typically has 40 apps installed. That means you have dozens of different logins and passwords to keep in mind. Numerous accounts provide a security concern in addition to being overwhelming and unworkable for most people. Data exposure and identity theft are less likely for users whose services are combines. Furthermore, super-app-enabled businesses are more likely to spend money on single-tenant data storage with greater security standards.

The KingX 2022 App provides you with the Face ID and Fingerprint Login that enables you quick yet secured login 

Diversified revenue streams

By exposing them to new prospects at low or no client acquisition costs, going super enables businesses to maximise on the audience they already have and extract more value from them. Gojek Application is a prime example of this tactic; initially a Moto Ride services, which now a major Multi-services App is making it a Solo Market Leader. 

Developing Gojek like App that comprises of 82+ services provide with New Range of Features and Functionalities to vouch for the app allows you to generate multiple revenue streams. 

Increase your customer base

All in One Apps like Gojek contain a wide range of functions, which makes them appealing to many users for various reasons. The long tail of mobile internet usage is captured by these apps; if your app can meet more of the users’ demands such a by offering On-demand Services, Shopping, Taxi booking and more encourages high retention rates and increased spending from consumers.

Multi language and currency support

You would be surprise to know that an app like Gojek comes with 25 Multi-languages and currencies including English and American USD. Having multiple languages and currencies contributes significantly to closing the gap between brands and consumers. By enabling simple communication, it improves the usability of your platform and increases conversions.

You must therefore incorporate the multilingual feature into your website. Based on your operation’s location, the target demographic, and other factors, you can choose the language. Your mobile app has to reflect this as well. The experiences of your app users will be improved, and your rate of interaction and engagement will increase.

Get A Powerful App and Conquer On-demand Industry 

The ideal course of action for your business would be to create a Gojek clone app if the aforementioned reasons attracted and excited you. Building A Super App is a market-ready clone script that can be release in 7–10 days, so you won’t need to spend a fortune on it.

Get in touch with the best app development company that offers a robust Gojek clone that is enhance with the newest features and that provides timely updates so you can stay ahead of the competition.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.