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Not every taxi business is the best in the world. Especially after the Pandemic hit the earth, people were all petrified of stepping outside their homes. The Pandemic led to a great pause. Factories were shut for a while, people stopped traveling, public transportation services halted for a while. At that time, one thing that came out strong and helped people to go from one place to another was ‘Taxis’. Although taxis were also seen through doubtful eyes, but, Uber Clone App made people see why taxis were the safest option back then.


Uber-like Taxi Apps are enriched with tons of features to offer the best kind of services to customers. So, if you are worried about how building an app can offer extraordinary experiences to your customers, don’t be.

Listed below are a handful of features that you’ll find in a perfectly designed and coded Taxi Booking App Clone.

Taxi Booking Using iWatch App

Give your Apple users the choice to make taxi reservations from their smartwatches. The component functions exactly like an Uber-type app, allowing users to select a taxi, enter addresses and other details, and confirm reservations while paying. Once the tour is concluded, they will provide feedback and ratings and receive an ETA.

Login using Face ID/Fingerprint ID

The functionality enables users to quickly check in from their respective cellphones using Face ID or Fingerprint ID. This is practical, simple, and incredibly fast and saves a tonne of time compared to switching between apps, logging in, and signing out.

Restricted limit of passengers

This particular feature was introduced when the Pandemic was wreaking havoc a couple of years ago. In accordance with the WHO issued social distancing norms and Covid-19 related measures, this feature was made to tell the riders and drivers about the number of passengers who can travel in a taxi. For instance, only 2 people are allowed to share a 5-seater hatchback.

Mark your favorite driver

This feature allows the users to mark a driver as their favorite. A rider who went on a trip with a driver previously can mark one of them as their favorite. So, if the rider enjoyed the services of the driver, they can immediately go to the taxi booking app clonefeedback section of the and toggle on the ‘Favorite Driver’ option.

Add multiple stop over points

Adding multiple stop over points enroute your customers destination will save them the trouble of taking multiple trips. Users can enter one destination and multiple stop over points where the ride will be paused and the rider can stop to shop for their medicine, pick up their coffee takeaway order, and so on. Such a feature will help your riders to take trips in peace!

Location-wise Push-notifications

The App Admin can geo-fence the location to send mass notifications, alerts, and other critical announcements to the intended audience thanks to this advanced capability. The targeted announcement has an effect that increases visibility and taxi bookings.

In-app navigation feature

This app feature allows the driver to follow the direction to the user’s destination on the map. It is because of this feature that the users can travel in the taxi without worrying about knowing the geography of the area well. Even the driver can drive peacefully and reach the destination and even pick up points on time.

Remember, these are just a handful of taxi booking app clonefeatures that’ll help you deliver utmost satisfaction to the customers.

Launch the MVP first. Uber-like App

The term “Minimum Viable Product,” or “MVP,” refers to a product developed with the barest minimum of functionality in order to satisfy a market need and discover a possible clientele for your start-up idea. The customer feedback you get will assist you in validating your service in the market and determining how to set yourself apart from your competitors. Decide on the basic qualities an on-demand product must have to produce an MVP.

What Is The Cost Of Developing an Uber Clone App?

What OS versions is your taxi booking software compatible with? More than 73% of smartphone users use Android, however, iOS is also used by a sizable portion of the population. Therefore, the answer to this question will be based on your financial situation.

You can only reach a small audience if you make your game on just one platform. Contrarily, multi-platform development is the best option if you want to cut costs while expanding the customer base for your software. When calculating the price of the Uber Taxi App, there are a few elements to consider. If you take into mind the qualities listed below, your Super App will develop into a market-ready product with a decent return on investment.

• The OS you select

• The cost of planning and development

• The cost of maintenance and improvements

• The app development business you aspire to work with

• The geographic location of the company.

Hire To Identify The Right Uber App Clone Development Company

The primary reason to work with an on-demand app development company. Above all, the company possesses the cutting-edge facilities and knowledgeable personnel required to develop a successful Uber-style services app.

The app additionally features:

• Complete White-label personalization

• Advanced technological capabilities

• Personalized features

• User, Delivery Driver, Business Owners/Restaurants, and Admin Panels

• Technology assistance

• Bug assistance

• Upgrading and upkeep

• Start selling at Apple and Play stores

• Data protection

The implementation of an Uber-like app service as a ready-made solution for their businesses should be considered by SMEs and start-ups. Therefore, developing an MVP with all the necessary features and functionalities can aid in your company’s debut. In conclusion, if your business succeeds, you may implement sophisticated features with cutting-edge functionality that offer your customers a tailored experience.


Do you want to build an Uber Clone App? Approach a taxi app development companythat already has a base app ready for rebranding and customization.

Opt for the App today and by the end of next week, you will be having the app handy for the big launch! Grab the opportunity and establish your own business.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.