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Automation is that sacred spell from J.K. Rowling’ Harry Potter Series that will help you and your business grow exponentially. Smart Entrepreneurs like yourself who are currently reading my article, know that launching an gojek clone app in Nigeria would be commercially successful. Simply because the Entrepreneur knows that one can make easy and quick money with this App because of its profit-centric business model.

Generating Invoices, Auto-Billings – Superpowers of Apps like Gojek

This App will auto-calculate the Total Bill by deducting Promo Code Discounts and will add the Basic Fare Amount, Charges for Services’ rendered and Taxes. And its accuracy will be 100 % only if you have bought this App from a Top-Notch White-Labelling Firm of Global Repute like V3Cube. Otherwise, technical glitches can make Invoice of US $50 to US $500 with no fault of the Taxi Driver whatsoever.

Zoe has booked a ride using her Gojek Clone App!

Zoe Parker has booked a Chevrolet Equinox and has punched in her pick-up details that’s in the Deerwood neighbourhood of Jacksonville, Florida. She wants to go visit the Mandarin Museum and Historical Society to document certain artefacts for her Research Paper due next Monday. The Museum is at 11964 Mandarin Road which is 14.8 miles away if taken the I-295 S Route. And she has chosen to pay via In-App Wallet.

Her stomach has begun growling! She asks the Driver to stop at Wendy’s

Yes, this feature is a blessing for Riders worldwide because now your Users can stop their Taxi Rides in between to Shop and even Eat. During this time, the Driver hits the “Pause” icon on the Driver’s App and waits for Zoe while she has already jumped off the car. She orders Classic Big Bacon Cheddar Chicken Burger and 4 pieces of Spicy Chicken Nuggets. While she is still inside devouring her Burger, the “Waiting Period Timer” is on for which certain charges will be levied on Zoe over and above the Total Ride Fare. Zoe is back in 20 minutes!

When she reaches the Museum, her Gojek Clone App shows Invoice of $93.06

This App had automatically generated an Invoice with a detailed break-down of the Charges. Before she entered the Mandarin Museum, she was curious to understand how the ride could be so expensive!

She’s browsing through the Invoice Now

  • Distance Travelled: 14.8 Miles with One Stop-Over Point
  • Time Taken: 15 Minutes
  • Waiting Period: 20 Minutes

Admin decides the Rates of the Following:

  • Base Fare: US $10
  • US Dollars/ Mile: $2
  • US Dollars/Minute: $2
  • Waiting Period Charge:  $1/ Minute

Hurray, she has won a $5 Promo Code! How?

Because it’s her first ever Ride on the Gojek Clone App!

Let us calculate the fare the Manual Way in Medieval Times:

Total Ride Fare = Base Fare + Distance Fare + Time Fare + Waiting Period Fare

                           = $10 + $(14.8 x 2) + $(15 x 2) +$ (20 x 1)

                           = $10 + $29.6 + $30 + $20

                           = $89.6

But the Promo Code! Yes, we haven’t forgotten that!

Total Fare = Total Ride Fare – Promo Code  

                  = $89.6 – $5 = US $84.6

But what about the 10% Tax on the Total Fare?

                 = 10 % $84.6

                 = US $8.46

Thereby, The Total Charges levied on Zoe = Total Fare + Tax

                                                                        = $84.6 + $8.46

                                                                         = $93.06

It took me 30 minutes to do this Basic Math. But On Demand Multi Service Business in Nigeria do it at the snap of a finger! This is the beauty of Auto-Billing. It saves time and is a practical choice.

The App Owner gets Graphical Representation of Data and Reports on one’s dynamic and attractive Dashboard. The Entrepreneur has to login once using valid credentials and then uses Admin Panel to first manage Taxi Drivers, Service Providers, Active Users! And then to settle payments.

I’d like to remind you,

  • All Cash Payments directly go to the Service Provider, however
  • All Online Payments including the In-App Wallet goes directly to the App Owner’s Account.

Admin has to remember to always,

  • Give the Promo Code Discount Money and In-Wallet Deducted Money back to the Service Provider
  • To give back Tip amount to the Service Providers in the case of Card Payments.

Admin has to settle payments.

  • On the Payment Report Page, the Admin can check all the details of all the Services rendered which are either Settled or Unsettled.

See the precision of this App,

  • Negative Amount shown in the Report is the amount Admin has to Take from the Service Providers.
  • Positive Amount shown in the Payment Report reflects the amount Admin has to Pay to the Service Provider.

Doesn’t it leave you awestruck that one App is collecting, arranging and forming Graphical Charts on its own based on the algorithm that the App has been encrypted in.

Does God’s View Intrigue you?

It is a real-time current location representation on the geographical map of all the Service Providers. However, you can create sub-categories and view only the live-time tracking of all the Taxi Drivers associated with your App.

What is Heat View then? 

It is an area or neighbourhood that has made the highest demand for, say, Taxis. Such areas will be highlighted in Colour Red on the Driver’s App while it will be represented by Blue Colour for the Admin.


Powerful Gojek like App is the reason why the current millennial who aspire to be successful Entrepreneurs are going nuts about this App. Its business model is such that the App Owner earns Commission on every single order placed or service offered through All in One Services App. Do you also want to be successful and make easy and quick money? Then contact us right this second and launch your very own Gojek Clone App and go live in just under 7 days! You’d be swimming in money from Day 1 of the launch. 

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