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Is it tiring to wait incessantly for your dreams to materialize? Searching for new-age solutions that will fit the new-age solutions. You’ve come to the right place. You can launch your own multi-service business and rule the market using our brand new advanced Gojek Clone App 2022 in less than a week.

Gojek is one hell of a Super App that has brought a revolution in an On-Demand Industry in Malaysia. Integrated with amazing, “Out of the box” 70+ services along with two New Components and New Features that are rare to find in any other app.

Brief About Gojek The Super App

Gojek began as a ride-hailing app in 2015, with only three basic services – GoRide, GoSend, and GoMart – and has since evolved into a Super App with over 20 services. The company soon divided its services into three groups: ride, delivery, and other services.

The term ‘ride’ refers to a variety of different types of rides, such as a boat, rental, taxi, and so on. ‘Delivery’ refers to a group of on-demand deliveries such as groceries, meals, and other items. Cleaning, plumbing, massage, and other services are include in the ‘Other Services’ category.

In Southeast Asia, the corporation employs 1.7 million drivers and 60 thousand service providers. Many entrepreneurs are now inspire by Gojek’s success and want to establish a similar business.

How You Can Be The Next In Line?

You don’t have to replicate each and everything of this successful business model. Having a unique identity will enable you to outshine the competitors easily. But, the question is how?

You can do this by implementing New Happening Features, Improved UI/UX, Seamless Functionalities, New Modules (Components), etc.

Few of the Following Briefly Explained

Online Video Consultation

Doctors, Personal Academic Tutors, Yoga Instructors & Fitness Coaches, Lawyers, Psychiatrists, and even Astrologers may now be booked for instant online video consultation sessions! After the session ends, money is automatically withdrawn from the Users’ Pre-Saved Credit Card.

Users cannot use In-App Wallet Money or Cash to pay for the Consultation Fee in order to enjoy this feature.

Before launching the Video Call, the Sector Specialist can even Text the User utilizing the In-App Chat Feature. If it conflicts with their current ongoing schedule, the Industry Expert can even decline the urgent Online Video Call!

Service Bidding

The user can post a task request on a Gojek-type app and receive Real-Time Bids from handymen including electricians, plumbers, painters, house cleaners, and sanitizing and disinfecting experts.

All the user has to do is complete a form with the following information:

Task Requested Service Category Budget / Location/ Residential Address

Preferred Date & Time for the Task Specific Details of the Task Requested

The user must then click the “POST” button! The Task is successfully posted, and an invitation is sent to all applicable Service Providers in the User’s Locality. Now the User must wait for interested Service Providers to make an offer and start the bidding or virtual negotiations process!

Taxi Booking using Apple Smart Watch

Users of the iWatch can book a taxi ride directly from their smartwatch using this app. The Riders’ App must be installed on the user’s iPhone. The Taxi Booking iWatch App is then installed on the watch at the same time. Users now only need to log in once, after which they can select the car type, add a destination, track the live status of the ride, view the taxi driver’s information, and pay using the in-app wallets.

Kingx 2022 app

Integration of 25 Multi-languages and Currencies

The app offers 25 multiple currencies and languages of your choice to be integrated within your app. This includes English as well as American USD dollar. Now, you no more have to worry about launching the app over the location no speaking English or trading in US Currency.

Gojek Clone 2022 Revenue Scoring Features

1. The video call feature allows users, delivery executives, and service providers to make video calls as needed.

2. Users can save as many credit cards as they need using the different credit card management solutions available. Credit cards have been known to fail on several occasions. As a result, having extra cards on hand during those times might provide your customers peace of mind.

3. New login choices have been introduced, including Face ID for Apple users and Fingerprint for Android users. Users don’t have to remember passwords or usernames each time they check in with this method.

4. Service providers can use the feature to post videos in the image gallery to add a video of their work to their profile along with images. A vehicle washer, for example, can display his car washing services by using movies, while a beautician can use video to explain her beauty treatment services.

5. A feature where the drivers are awarded levels and badges for providing outstanding service and completing more journeys for users is the driver’s reward feature. Drivers are paid according to their badge or position.

6. The capabilities listed above are simply the tip of the iceberg for Gojek Clone App 2022. The app has a slew of new features that benefit users, service providers, delivery drivers, store owners, and app developers.

Why Hire An App Development Company Like V3Cube?

Every New Year ushers in a slew of new developments in market trends and currents. In terms of the global economic situation and the general status of the business in Malaysia, this year is also one of a kind.

Keeping this in mind, our app development team partnered with market researchers and business analysts to produce a set of additional features that helped our Gojek Clone clients grow their businesses. Extremely pleased to use Source Code Gojek Android Studio, since it has market-relevant features including single download and single login, booking via the website, CoVid 19 special features, and much more.

The company believes in offering real-world solutions to clients. Therefore, work tirelessly to ensure that the apps become the driving force behind their success. With the Gojek Clone 2022, we don’t just provide them with an app; we also assist them to expand their brand by providing a white-label service in which we place the client’s logo and brand name throughout the app. We also offer bespoke features based on the clients’ requests, such as 25 local languages and currencies integration, among other things.

The market is ripe, and people are clamoring for a single software that can handle many tasks. You will undoubtedly rule the multi-service market with our Gojek Clone Script by your side. This global software can be published in countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, USA, United Kingdom, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, and Spain.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.