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So you would like to get headphones online in India but you do not know what to look for. You probably see a lot of ads talking about features that you may not know much about and you may start considering choosing the best color or the one that advertises the most. If that describes you in some way, then this article is for you.

The features of headphones play a big part in determining if they are a good fit for you. These features are usually added to help people choose what works best for them although often they end up getting confused instead. So, here is a features guide to help you get headphones online in India.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is probably the most important feature to pay attention to before you buy any headphones. If you have poor sound quality, you will get irritated more than entertained so unless your intention is to be irritated, choose the right sound quality.

When choosing sound quality, take into consideration whether you listen to music more than talk. The sound quality of music defers a bit from the talk. If you like music, then look out for bass and stereo output. Bass is good for people who like beats in their music, or as the professionals call it, rhythm and harmony, while stereo appeals to people that like the combination of lyrics and beats, stereo sound also produces surround effect which makes it ideal for gamers who want that surround sound effect.

If you listen to talk radio, podcasts, and watch movies with your headphones, then stereo sound quality would be best. 

The best headphones would be a combination of the 2 with the ability to adapt according to what you are listening to. If you should choose just one, the stereo would be best. Many devices will have equalizers that you can adjust to get the desired effect. 


Headphones today are designed to give you more freedom. Wireless headphones are the trendy choice since you do not need to worry about the length of the wire. This means you can turn your head freely or stand up quickly without a wire snapping or your phone dropping because the earphones were attached to the phone when you got up.

If you have used wired headphones, you know the struggles that come with dealing with wires. And the limitations they impose on you. But also wireless headphones might come with restrictions. 

Most times wireless headphones are connected using Bluetooth. The range of connectivity matters. You want to be able to walk away from your phone or mp3 player without losing connectivity. A reasonable distance of at least 10 meters can be considered convenient. If you are at home, you should be able to go to different rooms and still have the connection active. Consider your movements and then compare the range of connectivity. 

How They Fit Into Your Lifestyle?

Consider the kind of person you are and how they fit into your lifestyle. If you are stylish, you must have headphones that do not cramp your style. But most of all, are you an active person? For example, a person who enjoys jogging would need headphones that will not fall off, so they would need to look at the features provided to ensure they stay on the head or in the ears.

If you commute a lot, you might be interested in noise cancelation headphones which will allow you to cut out the noise and just focus on your music and thoughts.

If you drive a lot, then headphones with a microphone would be ideal because you want to be able to talk on the phone hands-free. 


When you find a nice pair of headphones, you do not want to have to replace them very soon. Durability is a major factor to consider. Different features play a role in ensuring durability. For example, the material they are made of can determine if they will withstand a fall, the ability to survive splashes and raindrops can guarantee that even if you are using them on a rainy day, they will not get spoiled. You should also consider the warranty that comes with the headphones. The duration can be an indicator of how much the manufacturer trusts their product.

Other Factors

There may be other factors that can influence your decision for example the price, the brand as well as delivery and customer care but the above considerations will probably determine whether you will keep the headphones you get online or end up trying to return them to the dealer. There may be personal considerations too like the different colors they come in or what everyone else has, do not ignore them if they are important to you but they probably should be secondary considerations to these primary ones mentioned above. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.