Water Bowser

As a result, Water Bowser to suit every application. Drinking water bowers for domestic and commercial uses helps to transport great volumes, securely and successfully. Our Bowsers can come in a diversity of Chassis, ranging from Highway Bowsers – if someone use the bowser on the road, Site Bowsers – when water is requisite on a domestic or commercial worksite and Plant watering Bowsers, for irrigation, used by Councils and gardeners. Our water tanks have been completely veteran by the Drinking water inspectorate (DWI) and are the escritoire of state-approved for the use of drinking water. The special Polyethylene tanks for drinking water have an asset as not to let UV rays infiltrate the tank to keep water fresh. See operating instructions for information on chlorination. Drinking water only obtainable in blue any other colour accessible for site water.

Furthermore, we have a broad series of Water Bowsers to suit a diversity of applications. In addition, our Highways Water Bowsers are road authorized and perfect for the transportation and storage of filtered and nonportable water. You can use our site water bowsers on building sites. Our manufacturer manufacture each site water bowser with a tough and sturdy framework to suit the rugged conditions. We also stock Plant Watering Bowsers, Dust Suppression Bowsers, Pressure Washer, Bowsers, and Static Bowsers. Our choice of Water Bowsers is ideal for use as transferable water tanks and emergency water tanks for lots of applications counting drinking water.

Water Bowser For Hire

Moreover, we offer water bowser to hire for on-site and road use. In addition, our towable water bowsers are the small to medium ability solution for water on demand. The vessels can be ready for quality certain drinking water or filled with clean water, depending on the requirements.

Capacity is either 1000 or 2000 liters and your variants are either site towable or road-towable. The explanation of differences in design and capabilities are below. Remember, if you are towing on the road, make sure your license and the vehicle are appropriate to tow such a trailer. Remember a 1000 liter bowser weighs more than a tonne and the 2000 liter twice as much.

Water tanker for sale in KZN

We recommend on top of and below ground plastic water storage tanks, GRP (fiberglass) cold water tanks, galvanized steel water storage tanks, and an assortment of food-grade water containers that are appropriate for water, element storage, wastewater, and all-purpose cold water storage. Our puzzled water tank choice is appropriate for car valeting and window onslaught. We have a great series of potable (appropriate for drinking water) and non potable water tanks.

  • you can use it for the storage of water for irrigation, farming, and fire extinguisher during fire hazards and many other applications.
  • It has an elliptical shape ensuring a low center of gravity.
  • A sheet partition is provided for tanks steadiness against jerks formed by water during transportation.
  • Inside and outside channel hold up gives it more inflexibility.
  • Easily transportable as it gets easily mounted/detached with a framework body.

Fundamental Information About Our Tankers

Our broad assortment of premium water tanks appropriate for Industrial, domestic, and agricultural applications. Our variety includes a variety of Water tanks from clean and nonpotable, underground tanks, conical, bladder tanks, water bowsers, horizontal, and vertical and open water tanks, water butts, loft tanks, and many more. We also deliver a series of accessories to make all water tank applications promising. Whether you are looking for a tank from 4 liters to 500,000 Litres we have the options available in an assortment of styles and sizes.

Tank Benefits

When you purchase a tank, you invest in a high-class product from South Africa’s foremost manufacturer of polyethylene tank solutions.

Our Products Present The Following Benefits

  • Tanks are obtainable in dissimilar formats, with a diversity of fittings and accessories to make bigger performance capabilities and adaptability.
  • Products are affected by the most excellent food-grade, excellent virgin LLDPE.
  • With a UV-stabilised outer layer, our products are intended to endure the harsh African climate.
  • The food-grade, black inner coating in our water tanks prevents algae growth and keeps water fresher for longer.
  • The astringent quality-control system ensures that products meet particular design standards.
  • All Vertical, Horizontal, and Septic Tanks carry quality documentation from the Agreements Board of South Africa.
  • Find more information on our fulfillment with Industry Tank values here.

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