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Features of the New Cisco CCNA 200-301

Features of the New Cisco CCNA 200-301

What is Cisco?

Cisco Certificate Network Association or CCNA is an Information Technology certificate course by Cisco Systems. Cisco system has not developed only this CCNA (Cisco certificate network association) Information Technology certification only. Before Information Technology, they offer other technical certifications too. For instance, they offer two certifications of entry-level. They are; Cisco Certified Entry Level Technicians (CCET), and the other one is Cisco Certified Technicians (CCT). Both of these certifications have different criteria of eligibility.

CCET is Cisco Certified Entry-level Technicians certification for the professionals who are already working in a network. This certification proves that they have all of the skills that are required for working in the network. Also, they know how to repair, diagnose and manage the components of the network.

Whereas CCT, which is Cisco Certified Technicians offer three different specializations for the technicians they are; data canter, CCT TelePresence and the most popular one is routing and switching. If any of the technicians have completed any of the certifications, they are eligible to start their career as professional technicians. Also, both of them are the essential requirement of eligibility for the Cisco Certificate Network Association (CCNA) certification.

Options in Cisco Certificate Network Association (CCNA):

For network professionals, Cisco offers many associate-level certifications. These certifications include the topic of cloud, video, wireless, voice, industrial, service provider, data center and routing and switching. For instance, almost every company like nursing assignment help UK and others are now using the cloud. Cloud technology helps companies to remain competitive and elastic.

Cisco Certificate Network Association certificate makes the network administrators and engineers skillful and advanced and enhances their cloud-based skills. The most prominent and well-known associate-level certification in Cisco Certificate Network Association is routing and switching. As the change in every discipline is permanent. And with every change, that area or field moves from simplicity towards complexity.

With every complexity in the network, they need trained network professionals with skills of managing network issues quickly and are qualified enough to implement infrastructure in the network. Cisco Certificate Network Association’s routing and switching program teaches all these practical skills to network professionals. To get this excellent training, the candidates must have at least networking experience three years.

Benefits of Cisco Certificate Network Association (CCNA):

The benefits of the Cisco Certificate Network Association include:

  • It helps candidates in understanding the beginning and most important concepts of Information Technology.
  • It keeps networking experts updated about every small and significant advancement made in the industry.
  • It stimulates and boosts the skills and knowledge of the candidate with the progress and changes in the industry.
  • It helps candidates in getting good professional jobs as it looks promising and favourable on your resume.
  • It also helps them give their best on their jobs because they know all the practical work and have excellent training.
  • It gave n opportunity to earn higher revenue and get promotion on your job and even a chance to get a new and higher-income job.

Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certificate Network Association) 200-301:

As we all know that Cisco always keeps itself up to do date with the industry. So some changes in CCNA (Cisco Certificate Network Association) has been made in February 2020. Now CCENT and CCNA are combined in one single certification that is Cisco CCNA 200-301. This exam will test your network skills in IP connectivity, Automation and programmability, IP service, Network access, Security fundamentals and Network fundamentals.

All of the information about exams and topics are available on the website of Cisco. Implementing and administrating Cisco solutions will help candidates in better preparation for the exam. According to Cisco, this one training course with one exam is the first and initial step toward instructing careers in IT technologies. The easiest way to prepare for the exam is first to download the exam blueprint. You can also join the Cisco learning network for exam preparation.

What you will learn:

All of the candidates will learn network layer addressing and submitting, how to configure the Cisco routers. They will also learn Ethernet operations, switch configuration, VLAN operation and design, network address translation, network troubleshooting. They will learn how to implement application layer protocols for the network of Cisco.

They will be taught basic network programmability and automation. Knowing all these things will help you to start your career in networking. After completing the course, you all the skills and techniques that are required for starting a career in networking. To begin your job or a successful career in any field, the basic requirements are the skills. If you know the skills of your area, you can get success in the field without any hurdle.

The objective of Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certificate Network Association) 200-301 is to make all the candidate’s skills complete and teach them all the techniques and tricks that are required for networking. They make the candidates qualified and skilled so that they can rule the technology world and work walk with the complex world.

Features of new Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certificate Network Association) 200-301:

Now the new exam of CCNA will be of 120 minutes, and only a single exam will be conducted that will be more detailed than the last one. The available languages would be Japanese and English. The features of these exams include:

  • Network fundamentals also have a router, switching, TCP, cabling and IPv6, IPv4 and UPD as its parts.
  • Whereas if we look at security fundamentals topics, there are port security, VPNs and wireless security.
  • The topics of programmability and automation are SDN, puppet, JSON, Rest APIs, Chef and many others.
  • Network access topics are Ether Channel, VLANS and trunking.
  • The topics for IP connectivity and service are IP routing, NTP SNMP, OSPFv2, DCHP and QoS.
  • If we look at the weightage of CCNA 200-301, we found IP service and programmability and automation of 10, 10 percent respectively, Network fundamentals and Network access of 20, 20 percent respectively, security fundamentals of 15 percent and last but not the least IP connectivity of 25 percent.

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