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Although having a credit card is now a must, the question of which card one should own still irritates the majority of consumers. And rightfully so, as there are many different credit card options available from a wide range of issuers and institutions, each of which offers its users a unique set of benefits. So how does one choose which card to pick? The key elements one must think about before making a decision and committing to it are listed below.

Interest rates:

The amount of interest users would be billed on their card payments is a different aspect that is crucial to take into account. Multiple interest rates may apply to their credit card, including Annual percentage rates for transactions, money withdrawals, balance transfers, etc. Interest rates vary between credit cards. Try to obtain a card with a comparatively lower APR since interest begins to accrue immediately following the grace period.

Offers and deals:

The rewards programme on credit cards is one of their main advantages. You receive points for every transaction you make through your card. Depending on a predetermined rate, the exchange is made. Different credit cards offer different deals and offers. If you are a frequent shopper of a particular brand or website try to go for the card which is partnered with those particular brands, so as to maximize your benefits.

Grace period: 

When the credit card company waives interest on transactions, this is known as a grace period. The majority of credit cards include a grace period, but it doesn’t start until your account balance is completely paid by the given deadline. So, look into the credit card with the longest interest-free duration. This can undoubtedly aid users in improving their credit card usage experience.

Rewards, points, and cashback:

Before choosing a certain credit card, you should also evaluate each one’s reward programme, which typically comprises of reward points, cashback, and occasionally, on premium credit cards, even air miles. While the credit cards that lean more towards the premium end of the spectrum tend to have more opulent perks like lounge access, free memberships, better rewards, and cashback, the cards with lower annual fees typically offer basic benefits like cashback on some purchases, entertainment benefits, etc.

Annual fees: 

It is a good idea to examine the yearly fees of various credit cards when selecting one. Almost all credit cards have an annual fee, while some come at zero annual fees. Naturally, zero annual charges sound rather better, but before making the choice of picking a credit card solely based on the annual fee, users must consider the additional benefits that the credit cards which charge some annual fee offer. Because generally, these cards offer better deals than lifetime free credit cards.

Your specific requirements:

Each and every individual have their own interests, and requirements, whether it be traveling to and exploring new places around the globe, watching the latest movies, or shopping day and night. The thing is you need to figure out your needs and requirements before choosing a credit card or else you may end up with the wrong one and won’t be able to enjoy its full benefits. You won’t be able to make full use of your card’s benefits, for instance, if you decide to acquire a travel credit card but you don’t travel much or if you get a shopping credit card but you aren’t a frequent/regular shopper, see in these cases, you won’t be able to utilize your card’s benefits. 

Credit limit:

The credit limit determines the largest transaction someone can make with their credit card. Their age, credit profile, repayment history, job position, and other characteristics are among those that the credit card issuer takes into account when determining the overall credit limit. It would be a good idea to make sure your credit card limit is sufficient to cover your bills.

Insurance perks: 

Because the future cannot be predicted and could be either good or horrible, it is crucial for people to always be ready for the worst-case scenario. There are insurance features on a lot of premium credit cards. Accidents, mishaps, and the cardholder’s passing qualify as claims. Additionally, insurance coverage may be provided in the event that your card is lost or for any delayed luggage, any unpaid debt, etc. 

International acceptance: 

if you are a frequent abroad traveller then comparing international acceptance, the exchange rates, etc is something you should definitely look out for before picking up a card. There are benefits to possessing a credit card that is recognized around the world. Besides the fact that you can utilize it almost anyplace across the world, it also makes doing business internationally simpler.

Fines and charges: 

With credit cards life is not all unicorns and rainbows, there are a few important things users must consider before committing to a particular credit card like fines and penalties which can cost you a pretty penny if you are not aware of them. Credit card issuers impose different fines like late payment, over-limit charges, add-on card fees, foreign transaction fee, etc. knowing about these things beforehand can not only help you in saving your money but also your credit score.

Your reason:

Everyone in this world is living a totally different life, their needs, wants, conditions, and interests are entirely different, therefore, this is a reason why there’s no ‘best’ credit card, while some credit cards do offer exceptional benefits that set them apart from the competition, no credit card can satisfy everyone’s needs because, as was already mentioned, everyone has unique requirements. People should select the best credit card for ‘themselves’ as a result. Find out why you want the credit card, and then consider whether the extra perks it offers align with your needs and interests.


Although a credit card greatly simplifies life, it also carries a number of obligations, such as the need to make on-time payments, use accumulated rewards before they expire, avoid developing a dependence on credit, and maintain a low credit utilization ratio. We hope that after reading the above article you were able to make up your decision regarding the finest credit card for you.

By Anurag Rathod

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