Drought Affect TreesDrought Affect Trees

Every weather condition affects our environment, including trees. Be it extreme cold weather, excessive rainfall, or extremely hot weather; all these can cause damage to trees. When talking about drought, you must know that it is caused due to extremely hot weather during the summer season.

Every year, many areas of the world face problem of drought. Due to this, millions of trees get affected and die. The areas which witness low or no rainfall are most likely to face the problem of drought. To save trees from drought, people also take help from Ottawa Tree Removal companies to move small trees to another place. However, it is not possible to save all the trees from drought.

Effect of Drought on Trees

The effect of drought can be seen as a damaged ecosystem. Due to the high temperature for a long period and no rainfall, the soil starts losing moisture. As a result, the roots of trees, which are responsible for taking their nutrition and water from the soil, also start dying.

Also, the microorganisms, which are helpful for trees, die. Microorganisms require moisture, and when the ground gets dry and hard, they cannot survive.

Due to this, the tree is left with no outer sources from which it can get water or nutrition. It then depends on the moisture and nutrition stored in the tree only. Soon, the trees die due to the effect of drought.

These dead trees are then removed with the help of Emergency Fallen Tree Removal services. It also becomes difficult to grow trees back on drought-affected land. Especially if the land is facing drought continuously for 2 to 3 years, it becomes barren land.

How to Save Trees from Drought?

You can still save your trees from dying during drought if you will use these tips.

  • Proper trimming and pruning can also help in saving your trees. You must reduce the large sections, dead branches, and weak branches of the tree’s canopy. These diseased limbs and branches will not do any good to the plant. Instead, they will only cause more damage to the tree, making it die or fall soon. Take help from Ottawa tree removal companies to help you get rid of diseased portions of trees.
  • Do not over-trim the canopy. Because trimming the healthy branches will make the tree die sooner due to the wounding.
  • Make use of drip irrigation to help your trees get proper water. With the help of this irrigation technique, it is possible to provide water to soil deep up to 1 foot.
  • Instead of turf grass, use mulch to help your trees retain water loss. Turf grass will absorb water far before it reaches the tree roots under the soil. So, it is suggested that remove the turf grass and make use of mulch. It will help the tree in getting proper moisture.
  • If you are facing drought in your area every year, ensure you keep your trees healthy. A healthy tree has more chances to survive in drought than a stressed tree. Make sure you provide it with proper nutrition from good soil and fertilizers. Also, water it using proper methods.
  • Do not make use of lawn irrigation to save your trees during drought. Instead, use soil injections or deep irrigation to supply water to its roots.

You now know how drought can badly affect the environment by killing trees. So keep yourself prepared by using the above tips to save your trees from getting affected during drought.

By Anurag Rathod

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