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Despite being protection of eye from small particles and maintain an optimum airflow, eyelashes are considered a symbol of beauty. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with long-luscious lashes to fulfil the shallow standards of beauty. This led to a demand for products that would help make eyelashes look thicker and longer. This is how humans came up with the idea of false eyelashes. In ancient Greece, women used to sew hair (cut from their head) to their lids. It was pretty gruesome and most women suffered from severe infections.

Modern fake lashes:

It is still debatable as to who actually came up with the idea of fake lashes, but it was a Canadian woman named Anna Taylor who first patented false eyelashes in 1911. It was a cloth strip on which hair were sewn.

Now-a—days every makeup brand has come up with their own eyelash range. There are makeup giants like loreal and Estee lauder, high end brands like Marc Jacobs and indie brands like Huda Beauty and Lily Lashes, who have very popular eyelash lines.

Apart from these well know names, there are countless smaller businesses (some are home owned) who sell false eyelashes. They may not be well-known, but it doesn’t mean their products are of lower quality. There are small to medium home owned eyelash sellers who have products of much superior quality, at par with any bigger brand.

Custom eyelash packaging:

It is crucial for small to medium enterprises to customize their packaging. Branding through packaging is the most efficient and economical way for smaller businesses to attain recognition. Most smaller businesses that get custom eyelash boxes wholesale from local packaging companies, which is a great investment. Still there are some factors that must be considered when you design your eyelash packaging.


The first thing to consider while designing your custom eyelash boxes is space and storage. The biggest issue consumers face is how to store eyelashes properly so that their life will increase and can be worn for longer. Your custom lash boxes must be of good quality, so that, they can be used as storage containers as well. Material used for the packaging is very important.


Second thing that customers look for is complete information. Customers don’t want to pay for a brand that is not cruelty free or vegan. Make sure you practice ethical business values and then let your customers know of those values. If your brand is cruelty free and vegan, mention it clearly. Also let the customer know about shelf life, number of times the lashes can be worn, main composition, and lash style. Efficient use of space on the packaging is key.


Make sure you add the strip into the box or print it over the package, to let customer mark the number of times they’ve worn the lashes. For example, if you market your product to be worn at least 30 times, print a tracking line with thirty check boxes or pointers.


Trays are like molds/containers, designed to precision to match shape and style of eyelash. Brands use transparent/clear, white or black trays for their eyelash boxes. Out of these, customers usually prefer clean or transparent ones. You can add rectangular trays or circular ones according to the shape and size of your product.


Don’t forget the background. It is the space underneath the clear tray. Add a glitter paper, use attractive graphics or add your brand logo but don’t leave the space vacant. Even adding a plain colored cardboard paper can make a huge difference in the appeal of your product.

Mirror in the lid/top cover:

Adding a mirror in the top lid of you eyelash box can increase the value of your product significantly in the eyes of customers.

Don’t forget the branding:

If your brand is a startup or home owned, you need to let People know where the eyelash came from. Design you boxes smartly. Use them for branding, add logo to all the main places so customer can retain the identity.

Die cut box with window:

Most common style for eyelash boxes is a corrugated box with die cut design and clear plastic window. It is the most effective one as well. When consumer can peek at the product, they’re more likely to trust the band.

Clear lid box:

It is one of the least popular designs for eyelash boxes and is mostly used for kits. Kits are products that come with complimentary products to eyelashes i.e. eyelash glue, mascara, tweezers or scissors. This box is not preferred by companies as it doesn’t leave much space for branding.

Add some extra space:

If you’re selling just the eyelashes, adding some extra space to the box, so consumer can store other products i.e. glue, tweezers, lash applicator or scissors can make your product more attractive. As you will be providing a compact container for storing all the elements needed to apply lashes.


These are some of the design ideas/techniques that you can use to make your custom eyelash boxes more attractive and efficient. Though it’s not limited to just these ideas, when it comes to innovation in packaging designs, sky is the limit. Creating brand identity is not an easy task and finding a packaging company like Gator Packaging that understands your design concept and can turn it into reality is central to it.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.