ultra-low-temperature freezer

Almost all of you have seen the giant-sized freezers in laboratories. But do you know what this particular freezer is called? They are called the ultra-low-temperature freezer. One can also recall it as the minus 80-degree freezer as well. They follow a standard temperature condition. There is an option for a short-term storage, mostly for major industrial or commercial usage.

Parts of the ULT freezer

Generally, the ult freezers are available in two basic shapes as discussed earlier. Talking about the upright freezer it is always admired for its efficient space usage and better appearance.

Coming to its internal framework, it comes with two sets of doors the door on the interior side reduces the unnecessary heat. Thus, by doing so they maintain a stabilized temperature. To shut the doors tightly both silicone gel in form of the gasket is fixed along the edges of the doors and exterior knobs are used. as well High-quality polyurethane materials are used that insulate the heat obtained from the external ambiance.

These days the Ultra-Low Temperature freezer comes with a panel that displays the temperature of the interior. Along with that it also showcases the other significant parameters which one can access remotely. Generally, the ULT freezers do come up with designs that prevent the users from opening and closing the freezer often. You can check the standard sizes and the designs that are available for a certain model, and you can install an advanced USB port for temperature control and monitoring.

Uses of the ultra-low-temperature freezer

Firstly, one can find this kind of ultra-low-temperature freezer in the laboratories dealing with life science or molecular biology. These freezers are used to protect the samples related to biology such as proteins, RNA, DNA, reagents, etc. These types of freezers come with temperatures ranging from -80 to -86 degrees so this is ideal for the samples to retain their form.

Usually, tubes made of polymers are used to store the samples. Note that microtubes are also used for preserving the samples. Generally, there are intelligent methods of temperature controlling and constant monitoring that you can do. One can see that microtubes are stored in boxes that come with small grids that divide one segment from the other. Also, check the compressor technology that helps to keep the grids and the microtubes in cool mode. As per the metrics, these grids follow a number rule of 100, 81, and 64. Note that standard-sized freezers can store about microtube containers ranging from 350 to 450 in number.

Preserving fish and meat

You can even find the ULT freezers in strong the meat and fish as well. Majorly the fishing industry dealing with tuna fishes need to rely on ultra-low-temperature freezers.

Understanding freezer malfunction

Before investing in the ultra-low-temperature freezernote that the freezers come with an alarm system that alerts the users in case of any electrical snag or failure.

Good sides of using the ultra-low-temperature freezer

The efficiency rate is high

Despite the doors being closed and opened too often, the freezer maintains its temperature setting in the same way without affecting its performance. One more thing individual racks do cool down as per their time. Apart from all, it is quite efficient in terms of energy.


The ergonomic design of the freezer makes it comfortable to use. The compressor and the heating unit are placed on the upper part of the freezer. It shows that all the parts are easily accessible.

Final say

ÔéČasper the topic we have discussed the ultra low-temperature freezer is quite useful. Certain labs find it as the savior to protect the biological samples.

By Anurag Rathod

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