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The emerald eternity ring portrays elegance and royalty in its designs with classic and clear diamonds with sophisticated designs. Different cuts and designs give these eternity bands an impeccable look that will elevate your aura greatly.

Are you looking for the quintessential wedding ring for your special one? Well, we’re going to talk about the emerald-cut wedding/ eternity rings, which would light up your significant other during your special day. We’re also going to see what other designs are available to add to your options.

What is Emerald cut wedding & Eternity bands?

Eternity rings are gorgeous bands that set a significant milestone between two people in a relationship, like a ceremonious wedding. To mark the importance of the day, a couple can exchange these rings as gifts and promise to cherish each other’s through the years and even after that! While the emerald diamond eternity bands can make weddings special, they’re great for anniversary gifts as well. 

An emerald-Cut diamond is an aesthetically-cut diamond with a large top and a deep bottom. Another name for this cut is “step cut,” and it has over 58 facets, i.e., the cutter shapes out the flat surfaces.

The design looks similar to steps and also excludes a mirror effect from the facets on the diamond. The cut resembles a tabletop with descending steps on the sides, attracting all focus on the center of the diamond.

The emerald eternity ring has long and parallel lines that create a slimming effect over the fingers, which attract the eyes of the people around. One of the best features that you get with these beautiful rings is that they give clarity to the diamonds, which should be one of the main factors for choosing an emerald-cut ring.

History of Wedding and Eternity Bands

Did you know that the emerald cut is actually more than five centuries old? Emerald stones have a special place with the step facet designs, which actually brings out the beauty of the stone and emphasizes its depth as well.

Stonecutters do not use any amount of pressure on these stones, thus preventing the entire stone from being perished. These were popular during the 1920s until the 1930s and were also famously presented in Art Deco. The vibe of the Deco matches well with the elegant design of the cut, with the lines polished to form clear shapes. Even though the Deco artistry died earlier, the emerald diamond eternity band has lived on with some other bands as well.

Rings were offered as a token of love as a tradition in Rome, where people believed that the Vena Amoris finger, also known as “the Vein of Love,” was directly connected to the heart.

The Perfect Guide to Gemstone Eternity Bands

Nowadays, colored gemstones are the pope of wedding bands that hold such a precious meaning and make a great alternate choice to diamond bands. There is absolutely no doubt that diamond is the most precious. However, gemstones such as emerald and ruby are proving to be beautiful like a diamond.

Not only are they less pricey than diamonds, but a gemstone ring such as an emerald ring also adds a fire-like characteristic to the elegant shape of the ring. Moreover, gemstones can be quite personal and meaningful, too, since gemstones are known to affect our psyche too.

Not just psyche, these gemstones also act as birthstones to some people and match some people’s zodiac signs which can become a gift too.

Popular tips to consider before buying an Emerald Cut Diamond

Looking for the best wedding and eternity band can be quite a task as you need to fit your budget and not compromise on the beauty or clarity of the stone. There are a few characteristics that you should look after before buying an eternity band:


The color of the diamond is crucial for the perfect diamond, and it ranges from “D” to “Z.” While D is a colorless diamond, Z denotes the light-colored diamond. However, only a professional would be able to detect colorless diamonds. 

Emerald cut diamond that sits between the color grade D to J is recommended by every trained professional as they are very clear and have a slight color that adds to their charm.


Since the emerald cut requires elongated lines over the stone, there can be certain imperfections in the design. These imperfections could add to the clarity factor of the diamond. The higher the clarity, the more would be the beauty the ring.

Clarity adds to the perfect persona of the ring, which needs to be scratch-free too.


Emerald cut diamonds are usually rectangle-shaped, which has a ratio of 1.3-1.5 as the length by breadth measurement. The common ratio numbers used by stone cutters are 1.30:1. If you want an elongated cut, then the ratio should be higher and vice versa.


Emerald cut wedding and eternity rings symbolize a wedding as the most significant milestone of a couple’s life. Two people can seal their love with the gorgeous eternity ring but need to know which among the various option should they go for.

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