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Ecommerce is probably the most promising business domain. It has emerged recently and has taken the world by surprise to dominate the market today.

Earlier, Ecommerce was used to sell intangibles like website domains and other technology related things. But today, ecommerce touches almost each and every domain of the industry. From lifestyle and fashion to Home Furnishing, Ecommerce has allowed all the products to be served to the customers at one place.

Ecommerce allows the customers to compare and buy stuff from the convenience of their home. This ease of buying is the sole reason which has skyrocketed ecommerce to a position where it dominates the marketplace.

Due to the immense popularity that ecommerce has accumulated, most of the businesses are trying to cash in on it. However, as it is still a budding technology, the trends keep on changing very quickly.

Why do trends matter?

Do you remember watching someone in the streets that looked like someone from the 80s who just woke up in the 21st century? Did you feel like going ahead and having a chat with him or did you make him the central point of conversation in a humorous lunch with friends? I bet the latter one is the answer!

This is only because the guy you saw was not trendy which rendered his look as rather odd. Things that are not trendy are simply not attractive and that’s the bottom line……!

Jokes Apart!

Trends usually provide you with an idea of what is popular amongst the people at a particular time. There are huge chances that if something is popular amongst people, it must be something that they like. Therefore, the safest way to attract masses is to be trendy.

Trends matter and they matter big time. So, if you are looking to attract masses and grow your ecommerce business, follow the latest popular trends.

First Come, First Served!

The thing about following trends in the industry is that the ones who follow them first are the ones who get the maximum benefits. The late followers usually fail to encash the opportunity to outgrow their competition and tend to just survive the changing trends.

You must make sure that you follow each and every trend not only in your domain of the industry but the industry in general. Therefore, to help you in staying trendy as an ecommerce business, we present you with trends that can help you enhance the performance of your ecommerce business:

Proactive service with Call Center 

Proactivity in general is one of the most desired qualities that an individual should posses. From an industrial standpoint, proactivity can be the factor that helps you make a mark as a business which is class apart from the others.

Being proactive as an ecommerce business means that you should bring your ecommerce call center services to use as contrary to popular belief, they are still the most important services of your business. From sales operations to customer support, try delivering something extra to your customers by providing top notch services.

Most of the ecommerce businesses have drifted away from these services. However, there still exists an audience which has not been able to acclimatise themselves with this change in trend. The majority of customers still rate the customer service as the most important factor for them to form an opinion on the business.

  1. Intelligent call routing 

Although call centers have lost some value among ecommerce businesses and alternate methods are being tried and tested by various businesses. They are still the most trustworthy services that can provide more satisfaction to the customers than ever.

Customer satisfaction ranks as the most important factor for the success of a company. So now you know where I’m going with this!

Intelligent call routing can allow you to reduce wait times. Wait time is the only reason why people choose to use chat services rather than calling. Intelligent call routing enables you to route the call to the best equipped agent at the time which enhances customer experience and increases satisfaction.

Omni-channel Communications 

The most promising trend in the industry today is to provide more options to the customers. Your customer service also requires to adhere to the same principal.

There are people who do not feel comfortable on call and would rather prefer to chat. While some of them are not accustomed to chatting and would prefer to talk to an agent where they can express themselves better. Choosing any one of the two can provide the other type of people with an idea that you do not care about them.

Simple rule of life! ‘What goes around, comes around’

If you give them an idea that you don’t care about them, then you might lose on some potential customers as they will start caring less about you.

To keep everyone happy, provide omni channel conversation options to the customers. There are plenty of software solutions in the market that can allow you to integrate all the channels of conversation and produce unified data for later use.

Optimized Product Listing 

Imagine how life would be if you did not have any mode of expressing yourself. People would not notice you, the one or two people who would have approached you would also drift away after a while.

The same goes for your products. Ecommerce product listing services are what provide your product with the ability to communicate with the customers and provide them with each and every details which hooks them up with your product. Try to make your product listing as expressive as possible and you will see the results in quick time.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.