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Understanding DOT Sidewalk Violation Repairs in Manhattan NY in a Better Way

Understanding DOT Sidewalk Violation Repairs in Manhattan NY in a Better Way

There are several causes leading to an extreme impact on the condition of your property’s sidewalks. You may be giving your best effort in maintaining the sidewalk around your property, but some things don’t stay in control. Several factors, including aging, freezing weather condition and the movement of the soil underneath your sidewalks are responsible for how well your sidewalks are going to perform and for what length of time. Most of the property owners are aware that a damaged sidewalk area can result in a sidewalk violation notice from the Department of Transportation (DOT) that has to be dealt with in a specified time. 

Whether you are looking to addressing a sidewalk issue in your residential or business space, seeking out a professional service for DOT sidewalk violation repair in Manhattan NY is the necessary and responsible thing to do. Here are some of the most common sidewalk violation issues that require a sidewalk violation contractor to deal with it in the right way. This helps you to know about the common causes behind these issues so that you can better identify them and minimize some of them before it gets serious. 

What Causes Sidewalk Violations?

Some of the most common reasons resulting in sidewalk violations include:

Uneven Sidewalk

Often, the tiles of a sidewalk gets pressed down or collapsed due to a large volume of traffic or a heavy object passing over it. This can cause the other side of the tiles to rise leading to an uneven surface. An irregular sidewalk is a trip hazard and causes violation of the sidewalk guidelines. Seeking out service in DOT sidewalk violation repair in Manhattan NY is the best option to eliminate this sidewalk issue quickly. 

Tree Roots

Having a touch of nature, plants and trees within your property’s premises is a beautiful addition to a place with metropolitan landscape. However, the roots of trees can lead to a serious damage of your sidewalk over time. The best thing about this particular issue is that most tree root-related violations are handled by the Department of Parks and Recreation and usually don’t require the involvement of DOT sidewalk violation repair in Brooklyn NY.

Broken Surface or Missing Tiles

A sidewalk with broken or cracked surface or missing tiles is extremely dangerous for the people who use the sidewalk. Walking on them can cause injuries if the person is not careful. You have to hire a professional for DOT sidewalk violation repair in Brooklyn NY to replace the damaged tiles with entirely new ones. 

Improper Slope

If in case, a part of your sidewalk begins to tilt to one side, it can lead to a serious tripping hazard to those who walk over it. Furthermore, it can have a big impact on the direction that water moves during a storm, which can even lead to property damage or erosion.   

Basic Things to Know about Sidewalk Violation Repairs

The first thing to look upon when it comes to sidewalk violation repairs is to fix safety issues and not visual aesthetics. However, when you hire a professional in DOT sidewalk violation repair in Long Island NY you can expect both the safety and appearance of your sidewalk are restored. You are mainly responsible to bear the repair costs of your sidewalk violation except for damages incurred by tree roots or a utility company. After receiving a violation notice, you have 45 days within which you can perform necessary repairs with the help of a sidewalk violation removal service in Manhattan NY, and once they are reported cleared, your violation will be dismissed. If you fail to address the repairs within the specified time, the DOT will send a contractor to get the job done and the Department of Finance will send you the bill. This bill amount is always higher than the cost of hiring on your own a sidewalk violation removal service in Manhattan NY to handle the repair work. 

In Conclusion

Keep in mind a sidewalk violation can be effectively resolved if you hire a reliable sidewalk violation contractor to handle the job and become free from obligations quickly. Your timely and right action in this matter can save you from unwanted hassles and huge expenses in the long run. 

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