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Direct Touch from Google Stadia is coming to iOS, but it won’t save it

Direct Touch from Google Stadia is coming to iOS, but it won’t save it

Is it true that Google being the biggest company in the tech world is letting go of its grip on Direct Touch? Well, the answer will be quite clear after reading the below context and we will be able to understand to what is Google Stadia basically as well.

What is Google Stadia?

Google Stadia is the first true long-term prognosis for cloud gaming. Gamers are set to get a welcome respite after spending years bound to the console update cycle.

Google Stadia, a cloud-based gaming platform, was the internet giant’s huge push into the gaming sector. Gamers may quickly stream a wide range of games – large and small – on compatible devices including TVs, computers, and smartphones. That was the sales pitch, at least as for the mobile application development companies.

Unfortunately, Google Stadia was sluggish to get off the ground due to a lack of interesting games or exclusives, a convoluted pricing scheme that basically forced users pay twice to even access the service, and the constraints of being a cloud-only platform that prevented users from just downloading titles.

Furthermore, Google did itself no favors by shutting down a number of major Stadia developers, which might have hindered the company’s capacity to offer unique games on its streaming platform.

Google, on the other hand, launched a truly helpful feature to Stadia in August called Direct Touch. Direct Touch, which was only available on Android at the time, provided a custom touch control mechanism for phones and tablets, eliminating the need to utilize Google Stadia’s (quite excellent) controller.

According to Stadia’s community blog, the Direct Touch option is now accessible on iOS devices such as the iPhone 13 and iPad Pro. In brief, this offers Apple’s devices the customized touch control technique, but there’s a big catch. Only one game (yes, one) now supports Direct Touch, and that game is Humankind, a 4X strategy game.

But how does Direct Touch operate in the first place? When playing games on a touch screen, you’ll frequently be greeted with a bloated and obtrusive controller interface that shows you where on the screen you need to drag and tap to complete tasks. Using a normal controller is nearly usually considerably more effective and intuitive.

However, there will be some situations when using a controller can ruin the experience, like as when playing a grand strategy game like Humankind. Humankind and similar games thrive with a mouse and keyboard configuration, or even customized touch controllers, which make tapping and swiping on the screen seem much more natural.

According to IT Support provider’s problem here isn’t with the Direct Touch function, which is a fantastic addition to Stadia. The main issue is that it is presently supported by only one game, which is insufficient, especially considering Stadia’s precarious status.

A Blip on the Screen

The inclusion of Direct Touch is welcome, but Stadia will need to do a lot more if it wants to escape the abyss of obscurity into which it continues to sink. According to reports, sales have been mediocre at best, and a general lack of enthusiasm from developers in producing Stadia exclusives should lead Google to be concerned.

Right now, we believe Stadia’s silver bullet will be its VR focus, since Google has lately been observed hiring VR professionals to work on the Stadia platform. A VR-ready cloud-based gadget raises our eyebrows, but given cloud gaming’s reliance on steady internet connections, Google would have to nail the execution.

To be fair, Stadia isn’t totally dormant; it does draw a slew of big-name titles to its service, like Borderlands 3, Cyberpunk 2077, and Ark: Survival Evolved, as well as a slew of smaller games that feel great to play instantaneously over the cloud-based devices and applications.

Stadia, on the other hand, is obviously trailing behind competitors like Microsoft, whose Xbox Cloud Gaming service comes free with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and takes use of Microsoft’s industry-leading server infrastructure.

Stadia has some catching up to do, and innovative features like Direct Touch, although cool, aren’t going to cut it with such a small audience and so there are few titles that support it right now.

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