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UI/UX apps You might have heard about UI/UX before, and basically, it is used in designing mobile applications. But before going deep into the details, let’s understand what UI and UX stand for. UI means User Interface and UX means User Experience.

How the user interface defines an app looks and interacts and how an app feels from the user’s perspective is defined by user experience. So, if you have made an app by hiring the best mobile app development company and want it to work efficiently and fulfill its objective, then UI and UX play an important role. 

What is UI design?

As mentioned above, UI stands for user interface with which users can interact with mobile apps. They are designed for easy, enjoyable, and effective interactions between users and the app. The main goal of UI when it comes to mobile apps is to provide the best interaction possible.

What is UX design?

UX or user experience has the ability to create a system that provides the best experience to the users. Moreover, UI and UX go hand-in-hand for an app to become successful.

Deliverables of UI/UX apps

The work of UI/UX designers comes in different stages in the mobile app development service. During this process, there are many deliverables created for the clients. These deliverables are created for better communication with clients, documentation, or presenting the ideas in a proper way. Both UI and UX have their separate deliverables, so have a look at them:

UI deliverables

Mood boards

These are used to present innovative ideas in a way that everyone understands. In addition, it helps the clients in understanding the app idea that the designers are working on.

Visual designs

Visual designs are some things that will help understand the effects of elements in a design. The effects of the elements like photography, typography, space, colors, etc., can be easily understood through visual designs.

Dynamic prototyping

Dynamic prototyping helps in improving the overall function along with making improvements to the app when needed. UI can be built as per the client’s requirement by using dynamic prototyping.

UX deliverables

Competitive analysis report

This report is created to measure the level of competition your app has in the market. This is done because all the efforts will go in vain if the app is in a highly competitive market or if it can’t beat the competitors. Getting a competitive analysis report will provide you with the strength and weaknesses of the competitor’s app.

User personas

Designers need to make sure that their clients understand what customers need and expect from the products. Creating a buyer persona helps in understanding customers’ behavior along with communicating the same with them. The user experience process involves user research to learn the behavioral pattern.

User journeys, experience maps, and user flows

The experience map shows the users’ behavior towards the product. The expectations, time spent, reactions, etc., are the things that are displayed in the experience maps.

On the other hand, user flows are certain steps that the user takes to interact at different stages of the product. 

Interactive prototypes

Interactive prototyping  saves a lot of time and effort and also works well to get the job done which is another deliverable of UX. These prototypes help in demonstrating how the products will work in the real world when fully developed. This helps designers in communicating their ideas better.

Since you now know what UI/UX stands for and its role in the mobile app designing process, let us move on to the importance of UI/UX design and its key components.

The key components of UI/UX 

Information architecture

This offers users easy navigation, irrespective of which browser they are using. Information architecture offers UI/UX with a top-level navigation experience.

Interaction design

Interaction design is basically a conceptual design through which users interact with the app. This includes colors, aesthetics, icons, and more elements.


Usability is a mobile app design principle that deals with figuring whether the users are getting the information they need through the usage of the application or not.


The wireframe is all about the creation of an app’s sample for the purpose of testing features, usability, and the look and feel of the app before it gets live in the market.

Visual design

Visual design is all about the app’s brand when it comes to the user’s perspective. Visual design is all about choosing the best colors, icons, images, fonts, etc., and the appearance that can impact the users at different times of their interaction.

Important of UI/UX in mobile app development

When it comes to mobile app development, UI/UX is equally important. Unfortunately, at the same time, most developers create an app with great performance but forget about the design, which eventually leads to the downfall of the app. 

Attracts users

The key role of UI/UX is to grab users’ attention and ensure they spend as much time on the app as possible. First, however, the user should understand the designs and navigate them well enough to stick around for a long time. 

Create good impression

Another important point of UI/UX is to create a good impression on a startup or any small business. So when the users visit your app, they should stick to it to come back for it again and again. Also, if you want people to spend most of their time on your app, then its UI/UX design should be done by a well-known web app development company like Groovy Web.

Get featured

Whether the app is best or worst is determined by how many users like it. The more the ratings and reviews on the app, the more it will get on top charts. So you need to get users’ attention by offering the best UI/UX in order to get featured in the top list in Play Store or App Store.

Get customers

There’s no fact that attractive apps have more users. Instagram, Facebook, etc., are such apps that have a huge number of downloads and have great UI/UX designs as well. And it is the satisfaction that comes from a great user experience which makes users loyal. 

It saves time and cost

When you know the UI/UX technologies and understand them better from day one, then it becomes clear that there will be less need for app maintenance and updates. As these things will be in control, the chances of new challenges at the app launch will also be very low.

Builds brand

UI/UX design helps in rising consumer satisfaction if you put in the right resources. Therefore, they will take the features that can be upgraded, and thus, put resources into improving your application. 

This will also help you in building your credibility for your business as customers start to make great relationships with your organization and brand. 


At the end of the day, if you have spent your precious time and resources in building an app, but the UI/UX design is not at the core, then it’s all in vain. So instead, hire the best mobile app development service provider like Groovy Web, which has a team of experts that can help you build the perfect app!

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