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At present, there is an umpteen number of digital business opportunities for every businessperson and venture capitalists. However, not every business model can achieve the needed success, and only a few of them can accomplish a great deal in terms of success. However, to save your time, you can enter the online dating business domain which promises of lucrative success. This is more or less the right time to enter this industry and satiate the millennials who are on the lookout for dating.

Here are some fun facts about Tinder:

  • There are 57 million Tinder users spread across the world in over 190 countries
  • 5.9 million Tinder paid users subscribed for Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold
  • Using Tinder there are up to 1.6 billion swipes daily contributing to 1 million dates every week
  • Over 20 billion matches have been registered since Tinder debuted
  • The revenue of Tinder accounted to $1.15 billion in 2019
  • Tinder’s value is estimated to be $10 billion.

These facts are precisely able to give the overview that Tinder is the best in terms of a perfect business model. This is the reason why every start-up and aspiring entrepreneurs are willing to get a Tinder clone app developed for themselves with the help of a Tinder clone script. However, before that, you have to get enlightenment on what are the functionalities as associated with such a clone script. So, let’s get started with the features.

Registration/ Sign in:

The user base can easily signup or login into their account by using their mobile numbers, email ids or any other social media account details (E.g. Facebook). The app solution should input only some few important information when it comes to dealing with registration quickly.

User Profile:

Here the user can describe how they are by feeding in information like profile photo, job profile, addresses, educational background and a small bio of themselves.

Geo – Location:

With this handy feature, the userbase can find matches within the proximity of where they are located currently.

Discovery Filters:

By applying the power of filters, the user base can find matches based on some specific preference criteria that include the likes of gender, age and location.

Swiping Feature:

Users can view some photos of some other user and also can read their bio. If they are interested in that profile, they can swipe right to signify a Like or swipe left to mean what is called a Dislike. The user ultimately takes this decision to swipe left or right.


Here when a user activates the boost feature, his/her profile will be displayed as the top profile for 30 minutes. The main advantages here are the probability of getting a match is more likely, and the user can get 10x more profile views as well.


There are times when the user has mistakenly swiped left/disliked a given photo, and it’s too late to do anything as the rejected profile won’t be displayed anymore. The Rewind Feature acts as a saviour where the user can undo the mistake of having swiped left.

Super Likes:

A Super Like is used to signify that the user that someone likes their profile. It will be notified well in advance before the user considers swiping left or right on that given person’s profile.


This is it! If two users mutually swipe right on each other’s profiles, then a match has been confirmed.

Push Notifications:

Once two users are matched, they can start communicating immediately with one another via a chat option.

The Unmatch Feature:

Should a user feel uninterested with their matched pair later on, then this Unmatch feature will gladly help them to remove that match altogether.

Some fantastic features including the likes of Super Like, Rewind, Unlimited Swipes and Boost can be integrated under Subscribed plans similar to Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus models.

Now that you got a basic idea regarding some functionalities in a Tinder clone script, you might be wondering how to monetize your Tinder clone and make money. Let’s speak about some of them.

Subscription Plans:

Allow the user base to opt for the trial process by giving only some basic features. After the procedure is over, then payment by the users should be made for the resumption of the services. Several users subscribe to the premium plans to immediately get a match.


Some people are looking for means to brand or market their company solutions or services. They can use your Tinder clone as a platform for advertisement posting.

Some ways how an advertiser can use your platform include the likes of 1. Position based advertisement posting 2. Frequent ad display 3. The Advertiser has to pay you once someone clicked on their add within your app product.

In-App Purchase:

In this monetization model, the user base will have to pay some money to access some locked features, including the likes of emojis and icons.


With the power of a Tinder clone, you can help people in their dating ventures by providing a platform which is simple to use and very much feature-rich as well.

We at Tinderboxsolutions provide you with several advantages apart from wielding the power of an advanced Tinder clone script. They include reduced development time and cost-effective solutions which are easier to launch.

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Author Bio:

Vinoth  is an entrepreneur based at the Canadian Technological Firm Tinderboxsolutions.net. The company is primarily known as a pioneer when it comes to robust dating app clone solutions that cater to the challenging requirements of its global client base comprising Fortune-500 companies, MNCs and aspiring start-ups.

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