rigid packaging

Packaging has become a primary vehicle for branding and communication. The packaging is an essential factor in purchase decisions made and also plays a salesman’s role on the shelf. Since custom rigid packaging boxes are also used to pack cigars; therefore, certain features in the packaging must be included according to the legislative and regulatory requirements. The custom rigid packaging has many functions such as protect the goods from the external contaminating and damaging factors such as high temperatures, air and dust etc., attract the consumers and provide information to the customers about the brand and the encased product.

The functions mentioned above of wholesale rigid boxes are served by the varied design elements. Several marketing studies have highlighted and identified the functions of individual packaging design elements such as image, color, shape, material, label and typography, and consumer perception. The exterior appearance or the packaging of a product is a means to communicate information to consumers. Product form creates the first impression and generates inferences regarding other product attributes. Size of the wholesale rigid boxes impacts the visibility of package and information displayed.

Some rigid box manufacturers USA say that the size of the custom rigid boxes, their shape and elongation affects consumer judgments and decisions. The element of graphics includes layout, typography, color combinations and product photography. When combined, these packaging components aid to create an image that impacts the brand communication and marketing and consumer’s mindset. 

Color is known to be a tool for brand identification and visual distinction. The team at the Packaging Republic explains that color has an important influence on packaging and advertising. It is also an important factor for readability and legibility of the texts and comprehension of the images placed on the custom rigid boxes. The material has an influence on creating a quality brand’s image on the consumers’ minds. Photographs and pictorial illustrations on the rigid boxes are powerful design tools to identify the product difference, impart emotional imagery, and communicate product functions. This will influence the perception of the product and thereby directly influences the consumer’s buying decision.

Consumer’s Response to attractive Custom Rigid Boxes

The consumers subconsciously assign subjective values to appealing rigid boxes based on their color, shape and packaging materials. The rigid packaging boxes perform a major role in enhancing brand equity by fortifying brand awareness, purchase decision and building brand images via conveying functional, symbolic, and experiential benefits. In a nutshell, the visual design attributes hold utmost importance in packaging. Therefore, the brands must give these elements most of their attention while designing the custom packaging boxes. This substantiates that there is a strong link between design attributes of packages and user perception and response.

The most well-reputed rigid box manufacturers USA claim that after seeing the package, the consumers get attracted to the product and instantly purchase it. However, it is the quality of the product and the packaging which subconsciously convinces the consumer to repurchase the product. Packaging helps consumers to choose, get an impression about the product and repurchase the product. Packaging strategies influence the time taken for purchase, brand promotion, and communicate about the brand’s personality and message. After having visual contact with the packaging, the packaging also invokes love for the product, improves their mood, evokes satisfaction and even draws them to pay extra.

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of Appclonescript.com, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.