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There are many ways to market your educational institute to attract new students. For example, you could interview new students to learn about their background, why they chose your school, and what they hope to accomplish by graduating. You could also use testimonials or blogs to attract new students. These creative marketing ideas are sure to catch people’s attention. In addition, these ideas can be used for other purposes, such as recruiting new faculty and staff members.

Video marketing

Using video in marketing your educational institute can be an effective way to attract prospective students. You can use video to present the various courses offered at your institute, feature student testimonials, and share sample content. In addition, you can create a live session and show off your students’ accomplishments. Moreover, using video can increase your click-through rate by 300%.

Creating a video for your institute can help you attract new students, recruit faculty members, and attract donors. Video is now more influential than ever, and it can help you attract prospective students and increase donations.

Guerilla marketing

If you want to grab the attention of potential customers, you should use creative guerilla marketing techniques. For example, you could try graffiti, which draws attention by placing it in prominent places where people frequent. Besides, people love graffiti! Aside from gaining attention, your guerilla marketing campaign will also serve as a photo op.

A guerrilla marketing campaign is risky, though, and it can cost your company money and profits. It can also create negative publicity. One famous example is the Cartoon Network, which placed LED signs in Boston in an attempt to promote a new show. However, it was caught, and had to pay $2 million for the resulting bomb scare.

Organic posting

One of the best ways to promote an educational institute online is to optimize its SEO. This means prioritizing certain keywords for higher ranking. For example, you can use “how-to” and “best X” keywords for educational blog content. Your content should be multitasking friendly to increase its audience. You can also create interactive content such as daily calorie burners or expense calculators. And don’t forget to include FAQs with detailed answers.

Another way to increase organic reach is by promoting your posts on social media sites. Google analytics show that social signals influence organic search ranking. This is why you should build content that encourages social sharing. Additionally, you should gain insights from your stakeholder groups, like professors, to create content that is valuable to them.

Facebook ads

Using Facebook ads to promote your educational institute can help you reach a large audience quickly. However, you must be very precise in targeting your ideal prospects. There are a number of tips you should follow to make the best use of this powerful tool for student recruitment. First, learn how to use Facebook Ad Manager, as it can be a little tricky for newbies.

Facebook advertising is one of the best ad-targeting products on the internet. It gives schools a lot of options for targeting, including lookalike and custom audiences. Moreover, you can use videos to reach a wider audience.


In addition to creating a compelling website, educational institutes can leverage the power of YouTube to drive targeted traffic to their institution’s website. YouTube is the second-most popular search engine, and companies that don’t have videos on the site are missing out on the number-one way people gather information. There are three basic types of YouTube advertising.

First, YouTube offers in-stream ads that target specific demographics. They are typically between five to 20 seconds long. They can contain links to other videos, crowdfunding campaigns, merchandise stores, and YouTube channels. In addition, they can include subscription buttons.


Using Pinterest as a creative marketing channel is a great way to build brand awareness and boost traffic to your website. However, it can also be used to drive sales, which requires a cohesive visual theme and a strong call to action. To make your Pinterest campaigns more effective, consider using Promoted Videos, which take the power of your Pins to the next level. These videos should be short and use real video footage to get the best engagement.

Another creative way to use Pinterest is to create a class soundtrack. Photos can enhance a text and add to the class ambience, which will be appealing to students with visual learning styles. In addition, you can create different boards for novice and expert learners, or even for a combination of the two.

By Anurag Rathod

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