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1. Turtle Pond

During a cycling tour, an Estonian traveler fell in love with this area and stayed for months. He returned to Coorg for a quiet trip between his expeditions throughout India, because he was so enthusiastic. He designed and built four cottages with the help of local craftsmen to provide passengers with similar experiences. The Turtle Pond – A Wander Trails Showcase attractions are these houses. Now.

These designs look like cottages in rural Estonia and northern Russia, for example, with tiled roofs sloping towards a complete wooden finish. These cozy shelters look like a fairytale. The atmosphere of the place provides peace and serenity.

In this cozy sit-out which is also ideal for evening drinks, you can enjoy your morning cuppa. The stay offers you everything you need. You can also hire a cook or ask your management, in addition to all amenities, to prepare local cuisine if you like.

These picturesque log cabins ensure a calm and comfortable stay as you spend your days in the temples, hills, and more to discover Coorg’s delights. The stay is additional in charm due to the warm hospitality of the personnel and the cooperation of the host. This is one of Coorg’s best homestays in the wooden huts and makes your vacation a memorable, pleasant and eventful one.

2. Cauvery Polekare

When you arrive at this cottage in Coorg, the greenery and homely atmosphere will welcome you. Cauvery Polekare home wants to provide its guests with an enjoyable and relaxing holiday. A wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are available. And the hosts would force you to choose from a number of delicacies.

If you would like to go outside and experience the great outdoors, the hosts can help you. Choose from a range of fishing, boating, camping, and many more activities. In addition, you can even walk through the lush wilderness on a trekkking trail. Likewise, you can arrange for a guided walk if it’s the estate that you want to explore. At night you can sit and enjoy the cool nights around the campfire. In short, this stay offers all you need to make this one of Coorg’s best homestays.

3. Brindavan Estate Homestay 

In 40 acres of coffee plantations, Brindavan homestay. The house’s earthy hues complement the luxurious exterior contours. Like a cozy home, this building has a beautiful porch leading into the big living room. The area is decorated with fauna subjects with plush sofas and ambient illumination. The rooms are well designed and decorated to meet the needs of a contemporary traveler.

You can ask for a bicycle and ride through the wild mountains. You also have a large swimming pool to relax and enjoy yourself, as well as a natural pool, if you want a rustic down-home experience.

The hostel serves Indian traditional delicacies for breakfast and lunch. Enjoy the region’s delicacies—idles and doses for breakfast, and other times special pork or chicken curries with rice-based dishes, for example. The resort has lovely outdoor niches where you can dine in the foggy greenery. And like this, the home is included in the list of Coorg’s best homes with its amenities, aesthetics, and activities.

The hotel is 18 km from Madikeri on Suntikoppa. It is conveniently located to make Coorg easy to visit. Places such as abbey fall, Raja’s seat, Falls of Iruppu, and Thalakaveri Temple are also possible to visit. Include a visit to the Dubare Elephant Camp if you have more time in hand.

4. BB Estate Homestay 

The Hostel offers breakfast and lunch in Indian traditional delicacies. Enjoy the delicacies of the region – breakfast idleness and doses, as well as special rice-based pork- or chicken curries. The resort has beautiful outdoor niches that can be eaten in the sparkling greenery. And thus the house with its amenities, aesthetics, and activities is listed in Coorg’s best homes.

This hotel is located at Suntikoppa 18 km from Madikeri. The location of Coorg is convenient for visiting. Please also visit places like the Abbey Falls, the Raja Sit, the Falls of Iruppu, and the Temple of Thalakaveri. If you have more time in hand, include a visit to the Dubai Elephant Camp.

For those who can’t have a rush of adrenaline, the place is just as ideal. You can try your hand fishing in addition to safaris and trekking. In addition, visit the monasteries and explore Tibetan peculiar culture during a visit to Bylakuppe, South India’s biggest settlement.

5. Nestled among Coorg’s vast coffee groves

This is probably one of the top homestays in Coorg, described as an award-winning masterpiece. In the past, this property has been honored for quality services in the house. Furthermore, it is also quite environmentally friendly with an architectural and design hint of heritage. In fact, it uses its doors and windows with recycled wood.

The place is a haven for butterflies and birds, in the middle of lush greenery. It is perfect for bird- and wildlife enthusiasts complete with a small river running behind the estate. And so it became one of Coorg’s best homestays.

You can choose from the two rooms inside the bungalow, or you can go to the interconnected, separate rooms if you are looking for privacy. The use of Athangudi tiles on the property adds beauty to the strong design. The vibrant shadings of the handcrafted tiles from a small town in Tamil Nadu further contribute to space’s charming architecture.

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