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How To Select The Best Outdoor Lighting

How To Select The Best Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting includes various types of outdoor light fixtures. These are weatherproof and highly versatile. Outdoor lighting is for use to light flowerbeds, stonewalls, pathways, driveways, trees, fences, and other outdoor features. The choice of outdoor lighting is very important for affecting the look of your landscape. It also affects your monthly bills.

Types of outdoor lighting

Line-voltage outdoor lighting

These outdoor lights use 120 volts of electricity just like regular outlets in a home. You can use line-voltage lighting in a commercial setting to enhance security and nighttime visibility. These lights cost considerably lower than other light fixtures and bulbs. However, these lights are for installation in low-use area and come with high operating costs. Installation requires a professional to dig a trench about 18 inches into the ground for the wires.

Low-voltage outdoor lighting

This kind of outdoor light also takes 120 bolts of electricity but there is a possibility to reduce this to 12 volts using a transformer. Low-voltage lights are safe to use in wet or moist environments. The lines require little submersion under the soil to prevent mower messes and tripping while maintaining aesthetics. These lights are cheaper for frequent use and using a dimmer brings the cost even lower. Bulbs for these lights last longer for better shock or vibration resistance with a standard run-time of about 6,000 hours.

Light from these lightings is warm, sharp, and clean with a natural tone. Low voltage bulbs have smaller filaments to lower energy use but give better focus and optical control. This lowers the number of light fixtures to use in a particular area. There are various benefits to buy Hadco lighting with low voltage as you are about to discover below.


The most significant benefit of outdoor lighting is safety. Low voltage lights use 12 volts with a remote transformer to lower energy costs during consistent use. This enhances the safety benefit of these lights. The low-voltage consumed by these lights is harmless to users making it safer to opt for these lights in wet or moist environments.

These lights are weatherproof making electrical shocks less likely to happen regardless of how bad the weather might be. Anyone including your kids and pets can enjoy the outdoors without worry about exposure to the dangers of electrocution. Additionally, consistent illumination from low voltage lights keeps criminals and intruders away. All these contribute to enhancing the security of the property.


After making the initial purchase, installing and maintaining these lights is affordable. Installing low voltage lights doesn’t require digging up a long trench to cut installation costs. The low voltage minimizes utility costs to use these lights in the long run. Additionally, a reputable supplier will have a range of low-voltage outdoor lights at an affordable price. These lights come with simplicity in operation and require less material to install to make them more affordable.

Ease of installation

It is easier and cost-effective to install low-voltage lights. These require no permit from local authorities lowering the installation more. Installing wires for these lights don’t require digging up much soil and is even possible above the ground. This makes the process easier and cuts costs while making expansion easy to match future lighting needs.

Aesthetic appeal

The high-quality bulbs for low-voltage lights significantly improve the beauty of any home. Additionally, these lights have tiny features to blend well with any landscape to make it more aesthetically is easier to customize your light arrangement to match your style. This adds to the drama and ideal enjoyment of your landscape.

Low-voltage outdoor lighting is available in up and downlights. This enhances the flexibility of using these lights and makes them a better option compared to other lights with only down lighting. Installing low-voltage lights allow enjoying your outdoor spaces backed by a beautiful landscape during the day and night.

Good return on investment

Apart from enhancing aesthetic appeal, low-voltage lights make a good return on investment. These lights enhance property and resale value leading to higher profits when selling your property. The low voltage of these lights gives a prospective buyer potential to make significant savings. This is through the maintenance and durability of these lights.

Additionally, anyone looking forward to going green appreciates low voltage lights. These lightings play a significant role in lowering carbon footprint. The low energy consumption supports green living since these lights require fewer resources to power.

Bottom line

Outdoor lighting is very important feature in the landscape. These enhance visibility, limit tripping, and enhance safety by keeping away criminals and intruders. Consider investing in low-voltage outdoor lights from a reputable brand to get good return on your investment. These lights save a significant amount on the energy bill for consistent use while promoting green living in your household.

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