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Making a movie sounds fascinating, but you will face countless barriers when you start walking towards it. Without having a strategic approach and effective solution, these barriers are enough to keep you locked in chains. You would not achieve great if you run blindly into making a movie. Talking about making an animated movie, the story is no different. You need to be extra cautious at every step and watch out for the barriers down the road. We are here to guide you on how to make an animated movie. Keep reading to know more! 

Step by Step Guide to Making an Animated Movie:

What is it that you need to make a perfect animated movie? Well, the list of essential elements and steps will go on. However, you should capitalize on the pressing issues and use the most relevant ideas to get things going. Of all the steps and decisions you will take down the road, connecting with film companies in Dubai will always remain on top of the list. Let us go through the steps without any further ado! 

1. Figure out your story:

It would be best if you always had a dedicated and good story to start proceeding. What is it that you want to tell or show in your animated movie? Why should the viewers spend a few hours of their day watching your movie? Keep these questions in front and figure out a catching story that will make an impact. 

Once your story is ready, you can plan the rest of the proceedings. Your creativity should dictate the direction of your story. Make it worth the time of your watchers and hit them with something that they will remember till your next show is on air. 

2. Create characters:

The next thing on the list you should focus on is creating the characters of your story. How many characters are there in your movie? What role do they assume? Questions like these will create a plot for you to design your characters better and write suitable dialogues for each one of them. 

Creating characters is not limited to merely the number and dialogues of characters. You also need to set their position on the screen. Will they face the viewers? Is there any character angled 3/4ths to the left or right? 

3. Create a storyboard:

Creating a storyboard will test your skills and consume some time. It would be best to draw all the key poses to make things easier as you proceed with your project. The storyboard does not need to be realistic, but it should not be any less either. 

Once you draw these panels, label them for good organization. Scan the panels and move the files to an editor program for editing purposes. You can connect with an expert editor if you are not good at using technology. 

4. Design animatics:

The fun part of making an animated movie is designing the animatics. Animatics are nothing less than a mock-up to show you how the story and film will flow. It would be a video of the drawn panels with characters to give you a rough idea of how things will proceed. 

Another important aspect you should watch out for is the timing of how the elements work together. You can set the timing as per your strategies but try to be optimal in this decision. 

5. Create a background layout:

The video production process starts here when you have a developed story theme, characters, and animatics. The first step of video production is choosing a background layout for your movie. Make a wise choice of area in the background since you already know how it would look like. 

Be extra cautious and avoid using any pixels if you are re-using a background in another scene. The entire process will test your nerves and can overwhelm you if you are a first-timer. The best way to go safely about this process is to hire film companies in Dubai. Let the experts look after everything and set the tone for your project. 

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6. Paint the characters:

The next task after choosing the layout is painting your characters. Modern-day filmmakers have the privilege of using advanced software tools for animating and coloring the characters. You should also get your hands on these tools and use them to the best of your interest. 

Use the paint bucket tools for colorful animation and coloring ideas. Once done, your characters and the animated movie are ready for compositing. Let us move to the final step. 

7. Compositing:

Compositing is all about combining the different elements of your movie into one scene. It is the stage where you put together the entire panels, characters, and scenes into one shot and give it a flow as you want. Once composed, your movie is all ready to be aired. 

Make your filmmaking project a success with professionals!

Filmmaking will always test your skills and nerves, but you should not get off track. Despite various difficulties, you must stick to the right film production strategies to cross the river. You can also join hands with professional filmmakers for expert advice and assistance when needed. 

By Anurag Rathod

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