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5 Delicious Rainy Day Snacks From Around The World To Try This Monsoon!

5 Delicious Rainy Day Snacks From Around The World To Try This Monsoon!

 Monsoon season is all about enjoying the rainy day with some scrumptious snacks, relaxing and unwinding when it’s pouring outside. Rain is indeed a blessing. You may or may not love rain but no one can despise a delicious rainy day snack. Whenever it’s raining outside, it’s natural to crave something warm and delicious.  In different countries, people celebrate the rain with their own unique delicious snack that sooths the food cravings and also provide warmth. Here are some delicious rainy days snacks from around the world that you can try this monsoon season:

This Is Why We Have Food Cravings On A Rainy Day!

Before we proceed, let’s discuss why we love to indulge in hot snacks when it’s cold or its pouring outside. Well it’s linked to hormone – serotonin. Serotonin hormone is a neurotransmitter and the natural mood regulator. It normal level makes you feel emotionally stable, relaxed and tranquil. Furthermore, serotonin is a natural apatite suppressor; it makes you feel full and satisfied. Thus, you eat less or have lesser food cravings. 

The most rainfall in one year was recorded Cherrupanji, India

According to psychology, on a rainy day or when it’s cold outside when the temperature is low, serotonin levels drop. Consequently, you feel hungry and crave something deliciously comforting hot snacks. Serotonin is produced in body when we eat something sweet or starchy carbohydrates. The fatty foods are rich in a compound tryptophan that our brain utilizes to produce serotonin. Therefore, by nature we prefer fried and hot snacks. [1] 

So now, it’s clear why we have a legitimate reason and excuse to enjoy some lip smacking rainy day snacks.  

5 Delicious And Easy To Make Rainy Day Snacks! 

Here are five yummy snacks from around the world to sooth your food cravings this monsoon:

Samosas And Pakoras From Pakistan! 

Pakistanis and also Indians celebrate the rainy day with mouth-watering samosas and pakoras. Somasas are basically crispy potato filled pastries. While potato remains the most common and most loved filling, samosas are also filled with veggies or chicken.  Pakoras are like French fries. These are made with onions, spinach, and potatoes, tossed in a chickpea batter and fried to be served with a variety of sauces or traditional chatnis. Samosas and pakoras are a must try for this monsoon season. You can easily find their recipes on internet or you can ask some friend. Be careful because once tasted, there is no going back. Both of these are truly addicting due to their scrumptious taste.    

Kachori From India! 

Indians rejoice the monsoon season with a range of scrumptious snacks. Kachori is one of the Indian snacks for a rainy day. Though the recipe varies slightly from one state to the other, but the key ingredients are gram flour and lentils- moong daal. First the gram flour dough is made into small balls that are filled inside with fried moong daal. The balls or kachori as they say is deep fried and served with chatni or sauces. Crunchy outside and crispy inside delicious kachori, paired with a cup of tea and rain, just perfect!

Crispy Potato Pancakes And Hot Noodle Soup From Korea!   

Koreans beat the rainy day blues with crispy pancakes and hot noodle soup. Soup is undoubtedly most comforting when it’s cold or raining. Crispy potato pancakes are another favorite of Koreans. Unquestionably, fried potatoes in literally any shape or form are love especially when it’s pouring outside. However, Koreans have their own theories too. For instance, they somehow link the sizzling noise of pancake making with the rhythmic sound of raindrops. Besides, potato pancakes are rich source of carbohydrates and we already know why we crave fatty or carbohydrate rich food on rainy day.

Goto And Arrozcaldo From China! 

Chinese celebrate the rainy day with goto – a kind of rice porridge with the blend of chicken broth. This porridge dish is health and protein rich and it will keep you warm in cold weather. Moreover, there are some variations of the main dish depending on the ingredients you prefer to add in it. For instance, if you prefer beef over chicken, you can add it. Goto is in fact the rice porridge with beef and arrozcaldo is severed with chicken broth. Either way, it’s delicious, nutritious, easy to cook and thus a must try.

Miso Uden Soup From Japan!

Japanese make sure to stay warm and cozy on a rainy day with Miso Nikomi Udon – a delicious noodle soup. The main ingredients are chicken or fish and udon noodles, tofu are simmered in a miso-flavored dashi broth and seasoned with soy sauce. Moreover, ginger, green onions and other traditional spices add flavor to this healthy and nutritious dish. 

Bottom line!

Every country or culture has its unique and scrumptious way to celebrate a rain day. On a rainy day, give yourself a much needed break, cook something special and yummy and enjoy the blessing of rain with your family. 



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