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How Do I Collect Data From LinkedIn Profiles Automatically?

How Do I Collect Data From LinkedIn Profiles Automatically?

How Can I Find And Scrape Data From LinkedIn Profiles?

With just under 750 million active users per month, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for brands and media to have one or more LinkedIn company pages to engage their potential and existing customers. But marketing professionals are wondering: how to collect data from LinkedIn profiles in bulk automatically?

If you also have this question in your mind, you have come to the right place. There are two solutions to collect data from LinkedIn profiles.

1. Find And Collect Data Manually

2. Find And Collect Data Automatically With A LinkedIn Data Extractor Software

Why Do You Need To Collect LinkedIn Public Profiles Data?

Public LinkedIn profiles may contain a lot of interesting information for marketing purposes like emails addresses, phone numbers, social media links, website links, etc. You can build a targeted email list and cell phone number list to contact targeted customers to sell your product or services online. There are millions of profiles and you cannot collect data from LinkedIn profiles manually as it will take several weeks or months to collect data from just 100 or 200 profiles. But, by using LinkedIn Lead Extractor, you can find and scrape this data automatically without any programming knowledge.

How To Find, Scrape, And Collect Data From LinkedIn Profiles Automatically With LinkedIn Lead Extractor?

LinkedIn Leads Grabber is here to help you scrape data from LinkedIn profiles as easily and efficiently as possible.

Start scraping LinkedIn profiles data in 3 steps:

1. Search

2. Extract

3. Export

1. Find/Search

You just have to install the software on your computer and then search for your prospect by name or LinkedIn profile URL and the LinkedIn Profile Extractor automatically finds all the results from LinkedIn in minutes related to your search query.

2. Extract/Scrape

Once your searching process has been completed, go to “Extract Button”, to scrape data from LinkedIn search results. You can select some specific search results or all results to scrape data.

3. Let’s Export/Collect Data

When your scraping process is completed, go to “Export Button” and get data in your desired format like CSV, Excel, or Text file. Your scrape data is now ready to use!

You can start collecting data from LinkedIn Profile easily in simple 3 steps by using LinkedIn Leads Scraper.

What You Can Scrape Using LinkedIn Lead Extractor From LinkedIn Profiles?

You can collect the following data from LinkedIn profiles:

LinkedIn Profile Data

Number of Connections



Work History

Email Address

Phone Number

Social Media Links

Website URL, etc.

Want to start scraping LinkedIn profiles data right now without doing any programming or anything else? No problem, LinkedIn Lead Extractor offers FREE ACCESS for 3 days with some limitations to get started. No payment information is required, just visit the site and contact the company through email or WhatsApp Number to buy the license of the software.

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