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An outdoor fountain can transform a dull and dull outdoor living space into a welcoming and relaxing area, but choosing the right for your landscaping is a combination of personal preference and practicality.

Here are 5 things you should know about outdoor fountains to help you choose the best option for you:

1. source of power

When you select the type of outdoor fountain you want, it is important to take into account the source of power. These fountains have a variety of power options, but the two most common are wired and solar.

Wired: A wired fountain pulls on a power source to function. In most areas, only a licensed electrician can install a cable outdoor fountain because it is considered an addition to the electric grill of your home.

Powered-Powered: The outdoor solar fountains are popular because they do not require a hard drive for the power supply of your home. The solar panels of these fountains provide enough power for the pump to operate under normal conditions.

2. Source of water

Most outdoor fountains are connected to the water supply of a home and they will have a continuous diet of water as long as the home diet is lit. However, some fountains can be filled with a water hose without the need for a permanent connection.

How does a fountain without permanent connection work? Generally, fountains filled with a pipe use a pump that circulates water through the fountain continuously. These must be verified periodically to make sure they have enough water.

3. Different finishes

The finish of the fountain makes a big difference in the way the product looks and the care it needs. Here are some things you may want to consider when you decide on your arrival:

Concrete and stone fountains generally do not require as much care as other materials.

Stone fountains look more natural and can blend better in the surrounding area.

Bronze and copper fountains are a good contrast with natural outdoor settings, but may require more care than other finishes.

In the end, the finish of an outdoor fountain is mainly an aesthetic consideration that requires you to take into account your surrounding environment and your landscape decor.

4. Lighting options

You want your fountain to be seen and appreciated, if you plan to spend time in your garden when it is dark outside, there are a host of lighting options that can help you focus on this room .

Talk to your electrician on the outdoor fountain lighting options including:

Submersible lights: These go directly into the water. If your fountain is large enough, the submersible lights offer a dramatic effect. They can be colored or white and provide a flexible effect not only on the water, but also the surrounding landscape.

Exterior lights: These are lights that can be installed around the perimeter of the fountain and include projectors, path lights or even suspended lights.

Solar lights: Solar lights are exceptionally easy to install and do not require any power outlets. This is perfect for areas where a power source is not readily available.

5. Location

Where you place your fountain is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. Some of the things you may want to take into account:

Largest fountains should not be placed against anything because you will need full access to all the fountains.

Small fountains should not be placed in areas with a lot of greenery or other objects that can block them.

If a fountain requires constant water supply or a wired power source, you must take into account the location of the water lines.

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