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If you are looking for a pocket-friendly trip, then read this article about the city Varadero. This city is located in Cuba is a popular beach resort area concealed in the peninsula and various gorgeous beaches around.

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So, check out these spellbinding spots: 

Varadero Beach

This beach is spread in 20 kilometers along the sleek Peninsula de Hicacos. This beach is one of the Caribbean’s best beaches to visit during the weekends. This area featuring the flour-soft sands, the shoreline slopes reducing into a silky blue sea, is worth capturing the view. This beach has more than 50 all-inclusive resorts, which provide package tourists from all over the world. There’s plenty of space for everyone so have a booking and enjoy the beach area.

Saturno Cave 

This cave is located near Varadero’s airport. This is a path through the scrub that descends to Saturno Cave and features a complex cave system. This beautiful cave or subterranean swimming hole provides a refreshing breeze from the sun-baked beach. The water drips from the cave’s roof, and stalagmites rise from the water’s depths makes it worth visiting this tourist spot.

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Parque Josone 

This is a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city, which was built in the 1940s. Jose Uturrio has built the mansion here for his wife Onelia and is known as the owner of this, originally the factory’s property. The narrow paths are covered around by various flower-flecked gardens, fountains gurgle, and an ornamental bridge. You will find many ducks bob contentedly in the lakes. Tourists come here to paddle the boats or glide around the lake on rowboats and relax in the shade of the poinciana and palm trees.


This place is for animal lovers who love to kiss, cuddle, and commune with dolphins. This features many shows by an optional dolphin that gets encounter in an enclosed saltwater lagoon. These dolphins, one by one, pay guests to meet the new marine partners and pat them, then swim through the water with them. These also participate in many fun tricks for the audience.

 Varadero Street Market 

Get everything from leather goods and woven hats to paintings, wood carvings and many other items. Many items are hand-made. If you want to buy a unique gift, you can request the shopkeepers for certain items to be engraved.

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Varadero Ecological Park 

This is located at the far end of the Hicacos Peninsula, which is an ideal resort-packed in the peninsula’s natural beauty. This is a nature reserve soaked in the white-sand beach with various plant species like cactus and orchid and bird-rich lagoon that was once used to mine salt. This place has a diversity of birds, insects, and lizards. So capture a spellbinding view at this place between the wide variety of species.

Snorkeling at Coral Beach (Playa Coral) 

This is the perfect place for snorkeling in Varadero and the best place to explore Coral Beach underwater. Tucked by sand and huge rocks, the water waves here house various tropical fish and graceful coral gardens. Enjoy swimming or snorkeler if you are a trained swimmer. Go for scuba dive, which will provide you the best to book a tour. The water current can be strong here, so be alarmed when you visit here.


This mansion was built in 1929 which was once owned by Alfred Irenee Dupont de Nemours, who was a wealthy American entrepreneur. The villa became the property of the Cuban government after the revolution, and Dupont fled the country. It is constructed with Italian marble, rich woods, and thermal insulated ceramic tiles. Have a tour of this place to witness the beauty of this old villa.

We have presented you with some of the famous sightseeing of the city. How was the tour? Please share the experience.

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