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7 The Best things to do in Haiti with your family?

7 The Best things to do in Haiti with your family?

Haiti is a beautiful country located on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles archipelago near the Caribbean Sea and to the east of Cuba and Jamaica. It lies to the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands in the south.

Surrounded by seas, this place is an ideal place full of gorgeous islands and beaches. The best time to visit the city is in summer when the city witnesses the maximum crowd.

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Bassin Bleu

This waterfall is blissfully isolated located on the hills of Jacmel, Haiti. Can be reached by the path to the basin and tourist can relish their whole day via diving from the waterfalls, swimming in the blue water and savoring the attractive coat of the green vegetation. The area offers a scenic view to be captured and making it a fantastic Tourist Attraction in Haiti.

Port Salut

Being one of the finest ease destinations, this spot is perfect for people passing all their time in these spots. Discover the private places and hidden regions that are away from the discordant gathering of visitors. Port Salut is the best instance famous among the Haitian people for its tranquil atmosphere and plenty of fine restaurants to dine out.

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This spot is situated on the northern coast of Haiti, which is an attractive beach. This tourist destination is obsessed by the Royal Caribbean cruise company. The Beach is one of the most illustrious coastal areas in the whole country and offers some of the most tranquil waters and softest sands and sufficiently good fine points within reach.

Kokoye Beach

Kokoy beach is the perfect holiday destination for the Caribbean paradise. Having the pristine white sand, turquoise waters, and long pretty palm trees wavering slowly in the warm wind makes the Beach one of the best tourist attractions in Haiti. Enjoy the snorkeling here for the visitors.

Il’s-a-Rat Beach

This spot is another adventurous place in the heart of the city. Ils-a-Rat Beach is situated on a small island coated with green vegetation and covered on all sides by numerous coral reefs to search in the local waters and the smooth sands and mild waves. This Beach is a great area to do scuba diving or snorkeling. Ils-a-Rat is one of the hand-picked beaches in Haiti to capture beautiful photographs and stroll around.

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Gelee Beach

Gelee Beach offers excellent seafood restaurants provide with daily deals and features dance and musicians for the Fete Notre Dame carnival during August. This beautiful spot is the longest and most passionate expansion of sand in Haiti. Visit the Beach to enjoy fishing boats floating on the skyline and the sweet fragrance of coconuts in the air and the nearby grassland. This Beach is worth visiting to witness the beauty of the serene view it offers.

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