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Every one of us tries to get the best. And all users of online calculators are striving for the same. We have worked on preparing a list of the five best online calculators. We compare them to find the best one. Here we go!

What to look for in Online Calculator?

As evident from the name, an online calculator is a free widget that can be accessed using the internet. There are apps for some online calculators as well. They have brought great comfort to those users who can’t keep physical calculators with them. Online calculators are an innovation that is improving day by day. They are a future realized.

These calculators are available free of charge and can be used by any user from anywhere. These are a step to a comfortable life for students, working people, or simply one-time users. These calculators bring a whole array of services for the user. The user doesn’t need to go anywhere else to find the related features.

Their being easily accessible is their main pro. You don’t need to have a specific operating system or brand user to access them. They can be accessed using any browser and use them. All that you need to have is a working internet connection and a device to access the internet.

Now, what to look for in an online calculator. The simple answer to it can be whatever that you can imagine regarding a physical calculator. They can be used for various purposes. They come with pre-installed formula(e) making it easy for the user to make calculations. What else? They provide access to the whole database of math-related calculations. They not only serve you by making different sorts of calculations for you but also help you in providing tutorials and other related material.

You can look for convenient solutions in an online calculator. These are sophisticated programs that can help you with a lot of mathematical problems. Many of them are developed by leading names in tech, so you expect them to be evolving day by day. As we have seen, they have added a lot of features to their UI and other related functions.

This shows a better future that will bring with it more features integrated that we haven’t even imagined. The online calculator is the future of calculators and will beat the traditional ones.  

Some of the Best Online Calculators?

Here is a compilation of some of the best online calculators. These are based on expert user reviews, taking into view all features that count.


MyCalcu is a multipurpose online calculator that is available for free to its users. It has a range of calculators which can serve users coming from a range of walks of life. What makes it a user-friendly calculator is its simple UI that brings all calculator categories into a single space in form of a list.

Clicking on each category, you can find further about each group of calculators. The broad categories given here are finance, health, and fitness, math, conversion, business, etc. MyCalcu lets the users access the calculators from three different positions, thus you won’t face problem with any. You can click on the quick links on the top of the screen, on the blocks on the main screen, and the list on the right-hand side to choose your required calculator.

Once you click a calculator, there is a list of related calculators below it. You can access the one that you need. is another online free calculator. Its homepage mentions about two hundred calculators that can be accessed from its database. The main categories of calculators available on this site are financial calculators, fitness and health calculators, math calculators, and a range of miscellaneous calculators.

This site aims to become a ‘one-stop’ calculators’ provider where every sort of online calculator is available. They claim that for use of their services no prior registration is required. The developers believe that the internet should be a source of free knowledge and theirs is a contribution to it.

This calculator is one of the error-free calculators where every development and coding has gone through a rigorous process. It has been available to users since 2008. This shows the decade of development and evolution it has been through.

CalculatorSoup is an online calculator that is providing its services since 2006. Time has passed and other online calculators have evolved. But in this period of time CalculatorSoup hasn’t made any changes to the display graphics of their website. There have been additions to the calculators’ range but no changes in appearance.

Each of these calculators is available in form of a folder. Where each of them has their own tutorials and relevant material. This calculator not only solves the problem of the user but educates them about the process as well. It gives the formula as well as examples of the solution of questions.

This is especially good for students who want to learn in a practical environment. It also provides specified services for businesspeople, students, and professional users.

Desmos is one of the major names in online calculators. It is available for free to the users. The main target of Desmos is students who want to learn calculations. Desmos encourages students to solve math-related problems and arranges contests for the solution of math problems. It is sponsored by a number of organizations that support its activities.

It provides learning material to school-level students for free. In addition to calculators, it provides other material that can help students in learning math. It lets students connect with each other by creating virtual classrooms. Though the calculators are limited in number, still they provide the best quality.

Online-Calculator is an online calculation tool that provides a range of calculation tools. Though it provides many calculators, its navigation system is difficult to use. It is run through the earnings made from ads, so to some, these might seem irritable. It is a good option to opt for if someone wants to avail of many features in a single space.

Which One is the Best?

From the above discussion, we can assume that the best of the above-given calculators is mycalcu. It can be called the best not only for its variety but the tutorials it offers. Along with that, it can be used by people from various backgrounds without any hassle.

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